Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The mysterious bunny

Well for a couple of weeks now we have had this bunny hopping around. The good thing it likes to eat the tops off of the dandelions. The down fall it likes to leave presents in the yard. But I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of it. The next time it showed up. So these are from yesterday. We have no idea if someone owns it or if it is a wondering bunny. Because it seems to stay in the area of our street.

Zoe and her accomplishments

Yesterday, after Jason got home from work. Zoe stood up next to the little blue chair for the kids and stood for a couple of seconds. I was pretty close to her and held out my arms to see if she would try to get to me. She did she took 3 to 4 really good steps all by herself. After she did this we praised her. So Kaleb was feeling left out so then he pretended to be walking for the first time and walked to Jason. He did this several times it was pretty funny to watch him do it.

Also a couple of days ago. Zoe got herself stuck. She crawled under the chairs and then she couldn't figure out how to get out.

Kaleb and the game

I was trying to get Kaleb to play a game with me. The point of the game was to throw/roll the soft block to Knock down the little blocks. Well this is Kaleb's interpretation.

trying to set them back up.

using hands instead of the block.
Kaleb jumping on the blocks.

Kaleb in mid play.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FHE playing part 2

Here are some more cute pictures of the kids playing. Enjoy.

FHE playing outside

While we were planting well while Jason was planting the kids played on there slide.Kaleb and Zoe on it.

Zoe smiling having a good time.

Brother Noble playing with Zoe on the slide. She went down once and that was all she wanted to do. Which is normal for her.

Zoe on her blanket. Normally she doesn't like to stand or play on the grass but yesterday she did.

FHE replanting

Well last night for family home evening we decided to transplant our little plants into some bigger surroundings. Well at least some of them. The tomato plants grew faster than the peppers.
Here is the starts that we grew from seeds.

Jason and Kaleb putting some dirt into the new containers.

more dirt.Kaleb got bored and left by this point, but Jason has planted most of the plants in this shot.

Kaleb was interested in watering the plants after they were planted.

Zoe riding on the car

Well Zoe loves to play on this toy. On Friday she figured out how to get her leg up and over so now she is on it right. Only now we need to show her how to get on facing the right way.
I know this one is crooked but she looks so cute in it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kaleb and the Easter Egg Hunt

Well our ward had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and it was the first one Kaleb has ever done. So it was neat to see him get the idea of picking things up.

Kaleb toward the end of the hunt.
One of the other kids there came up to Kaleb and gave him an egg.

Kaleb trying to eat the candy in the middle of the hunt.

Kaleb liked picking up the shiny ones.

Kaleb telling me to grab the egg from up high for him.

Kaleb picking up candy.

Even more candy.

Kaleb at the beginning of the Easter egg hunt and people helping find the candy. It was fun to see him pick up the treats. The only down fall was one of the things he picked up was a rubber bunny and it was stretchy. But Kaleb ended up pulling the poor things head off. So the toy was broken and he kept telling everyone that it was broken. But we really could not fix it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our trip to Texas part one

Well the first part of this year we were able to go to Texas for an annual meeting for Jason's work. It was nice to be able to have my parents watch the kids for the weekend and just me and Jason went. Thank you mom and dad for watching them. So here are some of the pictures. I will need to do two parts and the second might be a while later kids are getting restless.

Here is the entrance to the place that we stayed. They had tons of different flags line the drive through.
This is the bedroom that Jason and I had.

This is the courtyard with the swimming pools and hot tubs.
A pretty flower.

Picture of the sunrise and the ocean. This is the view from the balcony in the place we stayed.

Pretty water and beach.
more beach.

pretty sunrise.

the boardwalk to the beach.
the ford mustang that we ended up renting after we found out the place we had reserved a car no longer is in business in the area. It was either this or a big SUV. So as you can see we picked the mustang.

This is a picture of how close that the people we were staying with parked to our car. To block us in.

Jason getting his bronze metal for dodge ball.

The guys figuring out what was going on before the game started.
The Alamo I am standing in front of. In San Antonio on our way to the airport to fly home.

Me in a different place in the Alamo

Jason standing in front of a window all bared up.

The entrance to the gift shop and history of Alamo.

I think this picture is neat.

Jason next to a cactus.

A building with the Alamo.
It was different people would decorate their shops in different ways. This one is actually a miniature golf place.
This is a front to a store.

Another front to a store with a shark as the entrance.
The USS Lexington.
The Lexington and the aquarium. I wanted to go but we didn't have 15 dollars to spend per person to get in. Which I found out after we got home. So maybe is they have it here next year maybe we can plan to go. Will see. But there is more pictures of the games that they guys played when they were there. So when I get a chance I will put them up. Until then I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of our trip.