Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new clothes for Zoe

I got a new crochet book called crochet for babies the needlecraft shop. It has really cute clothes in it. I have only made two things out of it so far. The jumper would have been on Zoe for the picture except today I tried putting buttons through the holes and I am going to need a smaller buttons. The jacket/sweater I think it turned out well. I had it come across and attached with a button. You were suppose to use a tie to tie it together. I think I like the look of it better like this.
The jumper is called day in the sun dress and bag by Joyce Nordstrom. The jacket is called out'n about jacket and purse designed by Joyce Nordstrom. Both patterns had purse patterns with them but I am not sure if Zoe would like them or not. I think I might try making one and see what she thinks.

Our memorial day road trip

Well Jason got done early yesterday. So we decided to go for a drive. Which was fun. We got to one point and cars started lining up so we turned around. We went to a park and the kids went down the slides and swung on the swings. Then we headed home.

Here is Jason in the passenger seat.

me driving on the way home.

The river. We saw many on our trip and some lakes.

Kaleb playing with the GPS system. He kept wanting it to tell us to go to a BBQ rib shack somewhere in Washington.

Zoe playing with a toy.

Kids first night in their new beds

Kaleb all he wanted to know is if he could come down the ladder and off he went. So not the best pictures,

Zoe in the morning.
Kaleb left very quickly .

Zoe laid back down on the bed.


Well this is a dual topic. Zoe like to put shoes on her hands and crawl around with them on. These are the best pictures I have gotten so far. Also with the play dough. We did hand prints.

Zoe one shoe hand

Zoe showing brother.
my hand

Zoe's hand

Kaleb's hands

making and playing with playdough

We made some play dough. Kaleb had fun putting the ingredients into the bowl and then stirring it. He did ask for some help with mixing it together.
Kaleb wondering why the camera is there.
Kaleb stirring.
Kaleb using cookie cutters to play with the dough.
Kaleb's confused looked.

While we were making the play dough Zoe woke up. So she got to sit in the high chair and watch Kaleb mix the dough. This picture is of her being shy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

drawing and drawing

The passed little bit Kaleb really enjoys coloring. So Jason took some cute pictures of him doing so. Zoe jumped into the fun also.

Zoe trying to hand off chalk.

Kaleb grinning at the camera. While he is erasing things.Zoe getting some chalk and looking at the camera.
Zoe grinning it. The pictures of her doing this really don't do it justice.

Kaleb erasing what Zoe tried to draw. She hasn't really figured out how to hold the chalk to draw. So she ends up just using her hand to draw.
Zoe having fun and Kaleb being quite serious about his art.
This was the beginning of the drawing before Zoe got involved.

Brave Zoe

Saturday the kids were playing outside and Zoe decided to crawl up onto the slide all by herself. She was able to do it a couple of times. The down fall is she fell off a couple of times because she couldn't quite figure out how to get off.

Zoe and her crazy hair.

umm, what should I do next.

In this picture you can see Jason's finished weekend project. He put a boarder around the garden spot.

Zoe and her big grin. She was very proud of herself. You can also see Kaleb playing with the water. It was actually warm enough for him to do so.

Here Kaleb is watering the garden and making it nice and muddy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zoe's cute outfit

I know a lot of the picture I put up of Zoe are at the sliding door. But she seems to like to look out any window she can. This cute dress Zoe got for her birthday and so I thought I should take some pictures. To let my mom see how cute she is in the dress.
Zoe peeking around out the window
Zoe smiling and Kaleb in the background.

Zoe having a somewhat surprise look on her face.

Camping Kaleb

Well during the weekend Kaleb got to go to a father son camp out at the Ensign ranch. Which was a whole new experience for Kaleb. Being in a tent, camp fires, sleeping on an air mattress. But over all I think he had a good time from what I heard. The picture of Kaleb having fun in the tent. Also before they left for the camp out. Jason mowed the lawn and the kids were very enthralled with watching daddy come passed the windows and the door.

The short chase of the bunny

Well we have had this bunny hoping around and a couple of days ago Kaleb really wanted to go outside and chase it. So we went out for just a minute it was a little cold the wind was blowing. But the chase was pretty short the bunny was to fast for Kaleb.Here is the unsuspecting bunny. Sitting at the bottom of the tree.
Here comes Kaleb chasing the bunny.
The bunny's escape under the fence.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zoe hiding and Kaleb being a helper

Zoe peeking out from under the blanket.
Zoe hiding under the blanket with daddy.

So for family home evening we had a lesson and then we made cookies. Kaleb helped put in the ingredients and then he helped mix. He also helped put the cookie dough on the pan.

Helping mix

Both of us smiling at the camera.

More mixing. The only down fall was Zoe felt left out. But she really couldn't help the way she wanted to but she did enjoy the cookies after they were cooked and had a chance to cool off.
So ends the blogs for this week tune in next week same day maybe a different time you will just have to see. ha ha

kids hitting a pose

Here is Zoe trying to decide if she should let go or not.

It looks like Kaleb is telling Zoe a story and she is listening intently.

Zoe cute face.

Zoe definitely hitting a pose.