Monday, November 30, 2009

Visiting in Utah

While in Utah my brother Mat took tons of cute pictures. I am only able to put up a couple because running out of time trying to entertain Zoe while trying to do this isn't lasting very long hopefully tomorrow I will be able to find time to post some more.
Kaleb smiling for the camera

Zoe wearing a cute little hat.
An actually picture of just Jason and me very rare.

A picture of everyone at least we are all looking. The kids are wearing their Halloween costumes.

A cute picture of Zoe.

Playing outside

The day before we left for Utah. Jason took the kids for short really slow rides also raked up some of the leaves in the backyard.

Kaleb riding with dad to occupied to look at the camera with his eyes.

Zoe riding with dad.

Kaleb helping rake the leaves.

Zoe trying to figure out what we were doing.