Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bowling for FHE

Yesterday we were able to go bowling with a family in our ward we had a great time and I wanted to take pictures. When we got there and I tried turning on the camera it said the batteries were depleted. So that didn't really work out. Zoe had fun bowling the ball and caring the ball to where you throw it down the lane. So did pretty well for the first time. Kaleb lost interest half way through but it was still fun. I think it helped that there was some other kids with us bowling. But it was really fun and we appreciated the invite from the Edwards. I think it would be fun to try it again. It would have to be a day when Jason got done with work early. So I am sorry there are not any pictures this time.

Kaleb as a present

The kids found some wrapping paper under the couch and were playing with it. So dad got some tape and wrapped Kaleb up like a present he thought it was funny for a little then he was done being a present.
Kaleb as a present.
Zoe trying to help free Kaleb from the paper.

Christmas really late update

Well, we had a good Christmas at home this year. The kids woke up at 6:30 not sure why but that is okay. So we had put up one of the gates to keep the kids upstairs until we were ready downstairs. Dad said he was ready and we came downstairs and opened the presents. The kids had fun and played with their new toys. I didn't get the best pictures because they wouldn't hold still for very long.

Zoe pushing her new stroller and baby doll.

Zoe playing with Kaleb's piano.

Dad showing Kaleb what the piano does.

Both kids very interested before the piano was even out of the box.

The kids presents before they were open.