Monday, July 26, 2010

Hailey eating food

Well our little girl has been watching us with such interest lately when we eat. When we went to the temple Jason couldn't take her stares so he gave her a little piece of bread. So when we got back home we got her some rice cereal and she really seemed to enjoy it and she liked it last night to. So our little one is eating something other than milk. So we will see how she does. The pictures are from the first time she ate.

This picture is of Hailey waiting to see what mom is doing.
Very excited about eating some food.
Hailey helping the spoon into her mouth.
Nice big mouthful


Saturday we were able to drive over to Bellevue and I was able to do a session in the temple and Jason kept the kids busy. Then we went over to this kids play place. It took us a little bit to find it. It was okay the kids had fun but about half of the activity things were not working quite right but the kids didn't know any different. So here are some pictures of the kids playing.

Kaleb playing with the boats.

Zoe standing next to the Semi truck that the kids could crawl into and play. I tried taking pictures of them in the cab of the truck but it reflected off the windows pretty bad.
Zoe playing with some more of the water section. Jason playing with it in the background.
Kaleb and Zoe playing with the water.
This one they could push the button and it would squirt water on the instruments and make music. The kids were a little scared of it.

Lake Wenatchee

We were able to go to Lake Wenatchee 2 weeks ago. It was really pretty. We were able to drive around and we drove up to a look out point and I fed Hailey. Jason took the kids and they explored. They weren't gone to long there was mosquito's and they were hungry.

Lake Wenatchee from the look out point.

Kaleb decided to climb all by himself and this is how high he got and climbed back down.

Kaleb and Zoe checking things out.

Looking down at dad he climbed down and took pictures of them looking down at him.

Well that ends our quick trip to Lake Wenatchee. On the way home we got a flat tire. We were lucky where we stopped was a house and the guy there was really nice and helped us get the tire off and switch to our spare. We made it home without any more troubles.

Hailey 5 months old

Well our little baby is 5 months old. Well she isn't that little any more. Also a day after she was 5 months old she got her first tooth and now she has two teeth in her little mouth.

I like this picture she has such a cute little smile.

Hailey was fighting a nap that day Jason held her and she finally fell asleep. I couldn't pass up on a picture.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

boat races

I was looking at older issues of The Friend and I found this idea of having boat races. Because they are older issues they don't normally have the pictures. So I found a picture of a boat on the Internet and printed them cut them out punched a hole in them and put the yarn through and put them in between two chairs and the kids could move them back and forth they had a blast.

Zoe excited she got her boat to her.

Kaleb almost has his boat to him.

The both of them moving their boats. I know not the best lighting but you can see what they are trying to do.

Kaleb pulling to get his boat.

sitting up with help

We were able to get Hailey to sit up with help from pillows she liked it a lot until she will slowly tilt and fall over.

Hailey sitting by herself.
Zoe trying to sit with Hailey and hold her hand.

Kaleb sitting with Hailey.

playing on the slide and in the sprinkler

well it has been a little warmer so I got the kids dressed in swimming suits. I put the sprinkler out and nothing they wouldn't really play in it. So I moved the slide over so you could slide down into the sprinkler that worked for a little while.

Kaleb going down.

Zoe going around for another turn while Kaleb is trying to decide what to do.

Zoe smiling.

Zoe feeling the water hit her hand.

Like father like son

Well we decided to go outside and let the kids play. Jason brought the computer outside with him. So Kaleb came back inside and asked to play with his computer and this is what happened. Jason playing his computer and Kaleb playing his. It was to cute to pass up on taking some pictures.

kids at play and more sewing

Well I was able to make two more dresses for Zoe and I would like to show them. Also some cute pictures of Kaleb and Hailey.

Hailey holding her head up pretty well.

Cute Hailey smile
Kaleb playing outside

Zoe wearing the 3rd dress that I made.

The second dress that I made for Zoe.