Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So we are trying to do somewhat school for the kids to learn things. We have a deal with Kaleb that if he participates then he can play games on the computer. Zoe ends up either drawing, cutting paper or this day she played with clay.

Kaleb playing on the computer.

This is Zoe's master piece. She said she had made a castle like the ones we saw at the parade on Saturday.

Zoe showing her master piece.

playing in the sand

So by our house is a huge sand pile the kids love to play in it. So I took pictures really fast before they noticed I was taking them. They really do like to play in the sand so we have to watch them when they come in half the time there is sand in their shoes.

Zoe is sweeping the sand on the side walk.
More sweeping.

Kaleb up the hill probably throwing sand. He likes the way it falls.

Hailey in a drawer and the new swing set.

I realize most of the pictures are of Hailey but she seems to hold still longer than the other two. So we had a family in our ward that offered to give us their old swing set. So now the kids all have their own swing and don't have to fight over the one that we already had. But they still do fight over which one they want oh well.

The other day Hailey discovered I had taken everything out of this drawer so she assumed that it was for her so she crawled in. This is something she likes to do lately crawl into things or climb up things.

Our little Hailey is a walking kid now she is walking in this picture.

Another pass time that Hailey likes is this little toy car she sits on she gets mad if the older kids take it away. Even though they both are to big for it.

Kaleb on the swing set. For some reason the kids think they need to wear helmet on the swings.

Hailey in her swing.