Thursday, February 23, 2012

Playing outside for a minute

So it was somewhat warm like in the 40's so I told the kids we could go out for a minute because I knew they would get cold fast but they needed to get out some energy.

Kaleb swinging.

Zoe swinging.

Hailey had fun walking around the yard and exploring.

Poor Hailey's head this month. I went to a doctor appointment for me and she was running around with the other kids lost her balance and hit her head on the wood handrail going up the ramp into the doctor's waiting room. This picture was a day after she had done it. Her head is looking better now it's not gone but it isn't so purple.

Hailey's birthday part 2

So we waited a day to do an actual cake and open presents with Hailey since Jason was out of town. He got back on Sunday so when we got home he had everything set up for Hailey to open. She got a cute shirt and learning toy from Grandma Dye and some candy. Hailey got this cute sweater that Grandma Kathy made for her and she sent some Valentines for the kids. We got Hailey a rocking horse. She likes to ride the horse but she has to fight with the other two to get a turn.

Hailey trying on her sweater we were not sure if it would fit but it did and she likes the sweater.

I made a cake from scratch for Hailey's birthday it turned out okay. It is a yellow cake with homemade frosting and strawberries.

Hailey excited to blow out the candles.

Hailey almost mesmerized by the candles being lit. She tried to blow them out but Kaleb ended up helping her to get them to go out.

Over all I think she had a good birthday.

Hailey turns 2 part 1

So our little Hailey isn't so little any more she turned two years old this month. Took her to the doctor and she is still in the 90th to the 95th percentile for everything. So she is a healthy little girl.

Here is a picture of all the kids and Kaleb is making a face and Hailey had an itch.

Hailey and Kaleb sitting by each other they wouldn't smile.

I love Hailey's smile in this one. The other two were about done after two pictures.

I really like this picture of all of them together.

Hailey's favorite thing lately is to color and she asks several times a day to do so. Just have to be careful and keep her at the table or she finds other things to color.

Kid Train

So lately Zoe likes to hold onto Hailey's hands and they walk around the house.

In this picture Kaleb moved into it just as I was taking it so he is a little blurry.

Hailey's poor head

Our little Hailey had a nice fall into one of the end tables and ended up with a nice cut on her head. I took her to the doctor's and they ended up gluing it and she really didn't like that. So she needs to leave the glue on for 3 weeks. She almost made it she was 2 weeks and 6 days when she ripped it off her head.

This picture was after we got back from the doctors and actually smiled for me but wouldn't look at me. She got a couple bruises also but you really can't see them.

Hailey looking at me but no smiles.