Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Awake and happy James

 James was pretty happy long enough to get some decent pictures.
James in the swing.
 Kaleb giving James a kiss.
 Zoe giving James a kiss. The downfall is her hair covered him up.
 James in the swing.
More of James
James again

More of James

 Zoe holding James all by herself.
James after fighting with him for a couple hours to get him to fall asleep. He falls asleep the only problem is now I have to get up since it is 8 in the morning. I will catch up on sleep sometime.

James 1 month old

James is one month old. He still isn't on any schedule it will happen some day.

Girls and their dolls

 Zoe is reading to her dolls. It was to cute to pass up taking a picture.
Hailey wanted me to take a picture with her doll as well.

James 4 weeks old

James 4 weeks old. Where does time go. He is happier than he was in the begining but he still has times that we have no idea why he is crying. I think that happens with any baby.

James 3 weeks old

James 3 weeks old. He is growing up fast.
He is still struggling with having a schedule. Oh well, someday it will happen.

Quick trip to Idaho

 Well we decided last minute to go down and be there for when our nephew was baptized. We left at midnight and got there 10ish in the morning. Jason didn't let anyone know except for Jason's brother.

Great Grandma Anderson holding James.
Great Grandpa Anderson holding James.
Grandma Dye holding James.

Zoe's new bike

 So for Zoe's 4th birthday we decided to get her a  bike. She really liked this one because there is a basket in the front and a little seat to put her new Dora doll in the back.

She is riding her bike with Kaleb.
  They were having fun riding around in the garage.

Zoe having fun on her new bike.

Zoe's Birthday

 Zoe wanted Chocolate cake for her birthday and she wanted to help.

Zoe stirring her cake.
 She also wanted strawberries on the cake with pink frosting.

Here is the finished product.
 Getting ready to open presents she got from Grandma Dye.
 Zoe opening the presents.
 She got a little pony, sunglasses, stamp rings, shirt.
 Also a tinkerbell purse.
 She also got some presents from Grandma Kathy when she was here. She got a flashlight, a washcloth with a fairy on it. Also some birthday money that we used later to get her a toy dog that it's nose lights up because it is sick and you get to make it feel better.
 She also got another pair of sunglasses.
 Zoe all ready to blow out her candles all 4 of them.
Zoe blowing out her candles.

Zoe's 4th birthday and James turned 2 weeks

 So several things happened on April 4th. First my mom flew home. Zoe turned 4 years old and little James turned 2 weeks old.
Grandma Kathy, Kaleb, Hailey and Zoe right before we left to take Grandma to the airport.
 James is two weeks old that is crazy. It doesn't seem that long and it seems like he has always been here at the same time.
 Zoe and James sitting on the couch.
I like the faces that they are both making in this picture.
Zoe our not so little girl is 4 years old and everyday I am glad she is apart of our family. She is learning so much all the time and she is very interested in horses and she loves flowers. She wants to ride a horse some day and asks constantly to do so. She wants to be a big kid like Kaleb since he is going to Kindergarten in the fall but she has to wait a whole year before she gets to do that.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun pictures

James and I he is awake and happy.

Kaleb and Hailey ready for church. Hailey wasn't sick yet.

Zoe stayed home since she was sick.

I really like this picture that my mom took of Hailey her eyes are awesome in it.

The older three kids playing in the boys room.

The first little bit

So James made it home and the only down fall was that Zoe and Hailey ended up with colds. So we wouldn't let them touch him. My mom came and visited and helped with the new baby. She ended up getting sick also. We found out that James wasn't getting enough food from me and then we tried something different and in 24 hours he still hadn't gained anything. So made the choice to bottle feed him. I am still pumping some milk for him.

So 3ish days later took him back into the doctor and he had gained 9 ounces so that is good. He is happier little kid now that he is getting enough food into him.

He is also a very alert little baby when he is awake. Which is fun for the older kids they try to get him to look at them.

In this picture James is 1 week old.

Day Two

Day two under the lights. The doctor said we could go home after 4 in the afternoon. So we waited until that time.

Jason came and he dressed him and we got to come home. I was so excited that we got to come home.


So the next day in the hospital they checked his levels and they were high. So he had to go under the lights. This picture was taken before that all happened.

Here is a picture of him under the lights. He really hated being in there I didn't care for it either since I could hold him. We also struggled with nursing him so we ended up giving him formula and trying to get him to nurse. So we could get out of the hospital sooner since that is one of the ways for them to get better is to eat.

James Jared

After what seemed like a really long wait our little James decided to come. My water broke Tuesday night and we headed straight in since Hailey had come so quickly. James had other plans they ended up using pitocin and he didn't respond well the first go around so they started over and went slower with how much. James was born March 21 at 9:54a.m. He was 20 3/4 inches long and 7 pounds and 12 ounces.

Here is the little guy getting weighed in.

So after a long night Jason went home and picked up the kids. They came to meet their new little brother. Zoe is really excited. Jason said when they went home she got one of her toy dolls and wrapped it up and carried it around.

Playing in the sand

We had some warmer weather so we went outside and the kids played in the sand.

Here is Kaleb I know it is a little blurry.

Here is Zoe playing in the sand

Here is Hailey wearing her hat and playing in the sand