Thursday, September 13, 2012

kids doing school

So since Kaleb is going to Kindergarten I thought if I put more into doing school for the girls it might help Zoe not notice that Kaleb is gone almost half the day. So I found a great website It has a itinerary and things to do. So that is what we are doing and so far the kids like it. I got lessons ready for the next 5 weeks. Then I need to print more and laminate more.
September 11, 2012

Hailey doing a game where you have a letter and magnets and it has spaces to put the magnets

It also had a cut and paste this day. So Zoe is getting glue on her papers. So here's hoping I can keep it up.

Kaleb's first day of Kindergarten September 7, 2012

                                       Kaleb at our house before Jason took him to school.
                                              Kaleb in front of his school.
The principle was walking by when Jason was taking the picture and asked if he wanted one with Jason in it.

James eating cereal

 James seemed he needed more than just the bottle. So we tried cereal. I was really surprised how well he did for the first time.

James got fed by Jason. September 2,2012

Random picture of kids

                                                Hailey decided to sleep in the laundry basket.  August 30,2012
                                        James a huge grin. August 31,2012

day 2 of camping August 25, 2012

 Zoe made some friends while we were there. They were having a tea party drinking water.
                                                                    The playground
                                        The cabin
                                       Snow on the mountain.
                                        looking down at the road that we drove up.
                                      more of the road we just came up.
                                                    There was still run off from snow.
                                         The kids standing by a big chunk of ice.
                                                                        Playing in the ice
                                      Look at the big chunks of ice next to the kids.
                                         Dad handing Kaleb a chunk of ice.
                                         Zoe, we went out to eat it had trees growing through the deck.
                                     We found a little snake at the campsite.
                                    Another picture of the snake.
                                    Kids by the fire with their glow sticks.

Camping in Winthrop

So we decided to go camping and we went to the Koa in Winthrop. We had fun. We ended up at the campsite right by the playground and the kids ran back and forth. They had a blast.We walked down to the river.
                                                   Kaleb sitting on the stage couch.
                                     Hailey playing in the cabin at the playground.
                                         Zoe playing.
                                        Hailey and Zoe playing on the porch of the cabin.
Zoe riding her bike back to the playground.

                                      Turning the wheels on the stage couch.
                                       Kaleb in the cabin.
                                         Hailey sitting in the stage couch.

                                          James sticking his tongue out at me.
                                          Down by the river.
                                      Hailey on the playground.
                                         More Hailey.
                                                          Jason holding James

James 5 months old

 Wow our little guy is growing up. 5 months it doesn't seem that long and other times it seems longer than that. He is still trying to get some sort of schedule. Which I would love. Some day it will happen.
August 21, 2012

                                    James smiling a little he didn't really want to work with me.
                                      In this picture I was trying to show how tall James is getting.

New tricycle

 So we decided it was time to get Hailey a tricycle so she could go riding with the Kaleb and Zoe. So Jason brought it home and put it together. This is how the kids used it. Kaleb or Zoe would drive and pedal and Hailey would hang on and ride on the back.
August 8, 2012

                                                     Zoe and Hailey riding the tricycle.

Dad got them both to smile on this one.

bouncer sleeping time is the best

James for the first several times we put him in the bouncer he would fall asleep. August 6, 2012

bouncer time

We decided it was time to bust out the bouncer for James. He wasn't to sure of it. He likes it sometimes. I know in the picture he doesn't look to happy it was night time when we actually set it up. August 5, 2012

camping in tri cities

 So one of the ways we have figured out how to use the trailer. We go down to tri cities and Jason goes to the temple in the morning and I go in the afternoon and the kids get to play. So it is an overall win for everyone. July 28, 2012.

 The kids blowing bubbles. They also brought their bikes and they loved it

They have a splash pad for the kids to play with at a park close by. Zoe and Kaleb really enjoyed it. Zoe is off running.
Kaleb loved this one it would drop water and you didn't know when. He is in the orange shorts.
Hailey didn't want anything to do with it. I got her to walk in the water that was going down the drain. That was her extent. It was a fun time for everyone.