Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

So Halloween, got the kids ready took pictures and went to our ward trunk or treat. Kaleb was a swat guy, James was a fireman, Hailey was a cute witch, Zoe was a Hair stylist. October 31,2012

Carving Pumpkins

 For Family Home Evening we carved out the pumpkins. I was surprised that the kids actually would put their hands into the pumpkins. Years passed they wouldn't even put their hands in. We got two of our three pumpkins carved. I ran out of energy to do the last one. It took about an hour to do just the two. After we got done I cooked some of the seeds to see if the kids would eat them. Hailey and Kaleb liked them. October 29,2012
The kids carving the pumpkin
                      The kids smiling for me. Kaleb was smiling even with his hand in the pumpkin
                                                               Pumpkin 1 done
                                        Pumpkin 2 done
                                          The pumpkins all lit up. October 30,2012
                                          One more picture of the pumpkins October 30,2012

Fun taking pictures of the kids

I just grabbed the camera and took some pictures of the kids for fun.October 23,2012

                                        Zoe giving me a cute smile.

Hailey wanted her picture taken also
I got a cute picture of James

James 7 months old

 James is 7 months old. I almost forgot to take pictures. I didn't realize it was the 21st until night time. So he is in his jammies. I got some cute pictures of him. October 21,2012
                                                                  James smiling

James likes to chew on his finger. I think it feels good since he is getting more teeth.

Kaleb's 6th Birthday

Kaleb is 6 years old. For dinner we asked him what he would like he said Mcdonalds. So we went there after eating came home. We had kids put on their jammies then we had Kaleb blow out the candles and then opened his presents. We had brownies and ice cream. October 4, 2012

Kaleb with his presents.

                                      Zoe waiting for the brownies for Kaleb to blow out the candles.

                                                                   Hailey waiting also.
                                                                  Kaleb's brownies
                                                Zoe again they wanted me to take her picture
                                         We let Kaleb look at his present. We opened the box.
                                        Jason lit the candles and brought over the brownies.
                                                       Kaleb and his brownies
                                                       Kaleb blowing out his candles
                                       Kaleb opening his present from Grandma Dye
                                        She made him a new blanket
                                           This is what we got for Kaleb.
                                         Everyone helped to put his new toy together.
                                           Still working on it.

Kaleb and Zoe with their brownies and ice cream.
Kaleb enjoying his ice cream.

Playing with Halloween costumes

So we tried on costumes to figure out if they would fit the kids and all the older kids tried on this costume. I got a picture of Hailey in it she looked cute. This isn't the one she is wearing for Halloween.October 3, 2012

James way of moving

James doesn't really roll or crawl. He pushes himself backwards. In the picture you can see where his blanket is and that he has pushed himself that far off his blanket. Also he is smiling really cute.       September 26,2012

James 6 Months old

 Our little guy is growing so fast. He is six months old. For his check up he was 20 pounds 13 ounces. He was 27 1/2 inches long. He is wearing 12 month old clothes. September 21,2012
                                          James sitting up by himself for short periods of time.
                                                   James giving me a little smile.

I like this picture it is almost a surprised look.

Smoke in Wenatchee

So we had a lightning storm go through Washington. The Wenatchee Area go several fires. So for 5ish weeks we had smoke and very bad air quality. Kaleb had started school and they were not allowed to play outside because of the air quality.  This is a picture of looking out from our house you normally can look out and see the river and bridges and see East Wenatchee and you couldn't even see it. September 14, 2012