Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More fun with water

Kaleb figured out how to put the hose through a hole in the slide and have it come in on the slide and he had fun playing with it for a while.
Kaleb and Zoe playing with the water.
Zoe trying to feel the water droplets.

Kaleb making the water spray everywhere.

Kaleb feeling the water.

Kaleb very proud of his discovery.

random pictures of the kids

Well this first picture is of Zoe she fought taking a nap and she finally gave up but by the time she did take a nap we had to wake her up but we let her take a power nap. The other pictures are of the kids playing outside with the water and with toys.
Zoe sleeping.
More zzz's

Kaleb spraying the wood with water.

Zoe walking around.

Zoe sitting in the grass.

kids cleaning the outdoors

Well we let the kids play outside with the water to be fun while it is so hot. This day the kids wanted to clean things. It started with Kaleb cleaning his slide and then they decided to try to clean a piece of wood that had paint on it. But the kids had fun and it was quite funny to watch them.

Zoe cleaning the wood the best she can.

Zoe and Kaleb trying to clean the wood.
The kids cleaning the slide.
Kaleb very proud of himself that he is cleaning the slide.

More cleaning. and the tops of Zoe's head.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More pics

Kaleb lately likes to crawl into the port a crib this time we put Zoe in it with him. Just to see what they would do.
Kaleb with Grandma after taking a bath.

Zoe sitting with grandpa after taking her bath.

Zoe wearing grandpa's hat. She thought it was pretty neat to put it on.
Another picture with the hat on.

The bucket fight

So Zoe first figured out she could crawl into the bucket and sit down she thought it was great. Kaleb then saw Zoe doing this and he had to do the same. So they started fighting over who could be in the bucket.
Zoe sitting in the bucket.
picture of Kaleb in the bucket but Zoe was trying to get him out. I didn't get a good picture of him in it. Zoe was all over him the whole time he was in it.

Another cute one of Zoe in the bucket.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mean camera

Well I was going to put up some pictures but the camera is being mean and won't copy the pictures onto the computer. So I am going to update some in words. Last week my parents were able to come and visit us for a couple of days. We got to show them the town and to show them some of the towns around here also. It was a good visit. Just a little short. But visit never seem long enough. Kaleb had fun talking and calling them grandma and grandpa. Although Kaleb says grandma with a S at the beginning but grandpa he says it right. It was neat to see little Zoe warm up so quickly to grandpa she let him pick her up several times in the first 30 minutes that they were here. It normally takes her a lot longer to warm up to someone. But that is about all going on at our house at least for now.