Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hailey 10 months old

Hailey very interested in the toy

Hailey checking out Grandpa Anderson
Hailey very excited about her toy.

Hailey has turned the big 10 months old. It is crazy how fast it seems that she is growing. She is crawling like there is no tomorrow and she has 7 teeth and the eighth is still trying to decide if it wants to poke through. She is a happy baby. She loves to crawl around and follow big brother and sister around the house. She gets quite mad when they leave her in a room and they move to a different place in the house. She like to stand up. She hasn't figured it out yet herself but if you help her stand up, to her that is the greatest thing in the world. When her legs give out she is quite sad. When she gets excited about anything her little arms and legs don't quit moving. She also likes to some what growl when she eats. She likes to make noises with her mouth and do the cute baby talk. The older kids will ask me what she said and I repeat the noises and they say oh okay. Like it makes more sense when mom does it. Zoe is very protective of Hailey around other people. She likes to let them know that Hailey is her baby sister.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Late 9 month old pics

So I took pictures when Hailey turned 9 months old I am late getting them up oh well.

Here is Zoe smiling. It was the best picture I got of her that day.

Kaleb posed and did so well.
Hailey looking away from me as I took the picture

Hailey looking at me.

All three pretty happy.