Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daddy and the park

Jason took the kids to the park and I got to go with my mom and grandma and have a girls day. Which was really nice of him.

Jason was trying to get the kids to look at him this is what he got. Kaleb looking up and Zoe looking at Kaleb and sticking her tongue at him.

Well at least they are both looking.

Kaleb playing on the playground.

Zoe swinging .

Kaleb swinging


My parents several months ago got chicks and now they are chickens. My kids had fun chasing them. Zoe really had fun chasing them. So here are some pictures of the chase of the chickens.
The chickens mind their own business eating.

Then Zoe comes out of no where and the chicken scatter in all directions.

This picture is of Grandma Robertson. I know that it isn't the greatest picture but Grandma is looking and Hailey is looking up.

Hailey with Grandma Betts.

More fishing pictures

Jason reeling in a fish while Kaleb watches.
Zoe helping Uncle Mat reel in a fish.
The fish Zoe helped reel in .

One of the fish that Jason caught.

Fishing with Grandpa Ed and Uncle Mat

We were able to go fishing with Grandpa Ed and Uncle Mat. We went up to Payson Lake. We had a good fishing day we all caught a fish and both of the kids helped reel in a couple of fish.

Zoe helping Uncle Mat reel in a fish
The kids watching with great interest as grandpa Ed reeled in a fish.
Jason reeling in a fish with the kids watching.
When he got it in the kids aren't quite sure what to think of the fish in front of them.
Kaleb holding a fishing pole he got to for a little bit until the line kept getting tangled but we all had fun and it was exciting because this was the first time the kids went fishing and we caught a good amount of fish so it was a productive trip. Thank you to Grandpa Ed and Uncle Mat for going and letting us use their poles and bait and everything. We had a really good time.

Going down the Zipline at Grandpa Don's cabin

Well we were able to go down and visit with my family and Jason's. So I going to post some pictures this is like the 3rd attempt to do so. The first couple of times the pictures wouldn't upload. So we were able to go and visit my grandpa Don's cabin and ride on four wheelers and see all the pretty mountains and trees and saw a little bit of a deer and saw tracks of them when we went on a drive on the four wheelers. The kids had fun doing that. We also went down the zip line. The kids didn't want to stop. So here are some pictures of Jason going down that my dad was able to take.