Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hailey 10 months old

Hailey very interested in the toy

Hailey checking out Grandpa Anderson
Hailey very excited about her toy.

Hailey has turned the big 10 months old. It is crazy how fast it seems that she is growing. She is crawling like there is no tomorrow and she has 7 teeth and the eighth is still trying to decide if it wants to poke through. She is a happy baby. She loves to crawl around and follow big brother and sister around the house. She gets quite mad when they leave her in a room and they move to a different place in the house. She like to stand up. She hasn't figured it out yet herself but if you help her stand up, to her that is the greatest thing in the world. When her legs give out she is quite sad. When she gets excited about anything her little arms and legs don't quit moving. She also likes to some what growl when she eats. She likes to make noises with her mouth and do the cute baby talk. The older kids will ask me what she said and I repeat the noises and they say oh okay. Like it makes more sense when mom does it. Zoe is very protective of Hailey around other people. She likes to let them know that Hailey is her baby sister.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Late 9 month old pics

So I took pictures when Hailey turned 9 months old I am late getting them up oh well.

Here is Zoe smiling. It was the best picture I got of her that day.

Kaleb posed and did so well.
Hailey looking away from me as I took the picture

Hailey looking at me.

All three pretty happy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So we were able to go to our 4 ward trunk or treat. So I took pictures of the kids before we left. These are my favorites.
Zoe all dressed up for Halloween which we did on Saturday.

Hailey and Zoe

Hailey happy that the pumpkin hat isn't on her head.
All three kids pretty happy and so cute. Our race car guy, a pumpkin and a cute little witch.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hailey 8 months old

Well our little baby isn't that little anymore she is 8 months old and she is so cute. She is able to scoot herself backwards when on her tummy and she is able to turn herself around when sitting up also somehow she is able to move while sitting up. She is eating some pureed foods and she seems to like them. She is very interesting in everything around her and she loves to giggle at Kaleb.

I think this picture is so cute and show personality and she is showing off all four teeth that she has.

So calm and cute.

This is a picture I took on Sunday trying to get all three kids together. Zoe didn't want to play. Kaleb and Hailey look cute. Kaleb is wearing his new church clothes that he got from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Ed. He looks so grown up in them.

Hailey all by herself dressed up for church.

Kaleb's birthday

We were able to celebrate Kaleb's birthday when Jason got home from work. It was a little late and when we got done it was time to put the kids to bed.
Jason bringing over the cake for Kaleb to blow out the candles.
Kaleb blew out the candles to fast and I didn't get a picture of them lit in front of him.

So we tried relighting them to get a picture of that but Zoe had other plans so she got to blow out candles to.

Kaleb eating his brownie cake.

Opening presents from Grandma Dye,

Kaleb opening presents.

Kaleb waiting patiently all day to open this package from Grandma Dye.

Kaleb riding on his bike on his birthday day.

Kaleb's birthday cake. It was fun to make and tasted really good. Mint chocolate brownies.

Kaleb turnes the big 4

Our little boy turned 4 years old last week. Dad let him play with his birthday present early. We opened it up on Sunday and he was so excited.

Kaleb trying to get a handle of the bike.

Kaleb looking at his feet to pedal.
Daddy helping Kaleb making it up the little hill on the sidewalk.

Zoe wanting to be like brother.

Zoe trying to catch up.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our field trip in our Yard topic bees

Our new place had some ( I use the word loosely) bees under a shed in the back. So we called a guy in our ward that does bees as a hobby. He came out on Saturday. We kept the kids inside and Jason and I got to learn about bees. We took pictures so that we could show the kids later.

This picture has the queen bee in it. She is the bigger bee than the rest. When moving a hive it is better to find the queen so it was exciting to actually find her. Also he said the queen bee was young so that is good.

This is new honey comb that they recently made.
Here is just some of the honey comb that was taken out. He said that in a normal colony that it is I think he said 6,000 or more I am not sure. But a lot. So we are glad that we called him.

Here are some of the bees checking out the new home.

The peanut looking thing on the side is a queen cell and there was another one on it. So that was neat to see.

Jason is holding older honey comb.

This is Leif pulling out the first bit of honey comb. So it was an interesting experiance to watch them dig out and see all the bees. Jason and I both got to taste fresh honey. It was really good. So ends the adventure of the bees in the back yard. The ones that are left should go away in a week or so. We just hope that the bees stay at their new home. Because bees can travel 4 miles and it wasn't quite that. But I don't think they will come back. The End.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Even more

Well I know that this is a lot of pictures but I just want friends and family to be able to get an idea of what our new place looks like. Especially for those that aren't so close.

The deck.

Tree with swing

The back yard.
The breeze way. This will be fun for kids when it rains or something. The kids will still be able to play out side.

The apple tree and the sand the kids like to try to make sand castles.

What you see when you open the back door.

The computer room/storage room. This picture is when we first moved in. Right now it is a little crazy. Hopefully soon we will be able to get it organized and put away.

The front room from the kitchen. You can see almost everything which is nice to be able to check on the kids.

The closet in Kaleb and Zoe's room. I think this is neat little storage area. I am using it to put blankets in. Hailey has one in her room also.

The kids room. Well that is all it isn't put all together but we are getting there. I hope this will help people to see what our place looks like. Love you all.

More of our new place.

Well more pictures of the new place.

Looking out from the deck in the back.

Looking out on the yard from the deck.

The bathroom in Our room.
Our room well some of it. I didn't take a picture of the bed.

The other bathroom.

Hailey/toy room.

Same room.

The hall way.

The kitchen.

Dinning area.