Monday, December 29, 2008

Kaleb's snow adventure

Well Saturday Kaleb was feeling a little better and it was warmer outside. So we went and played in the snow for a little while.So my mom bundled me up in all this weird looking clothes and then sent me outside with dad. Dad was playing with his remote control car. We played for a while until the batteries went dead and then I was very upset because I didn't understand why we had stopped.
Then dad put me to work.(Not really) I got to push around the snow shovel.

Then mom started stepping into the snow and I tried to follow but I wasn't to excited about the whole idea.
Mom helped me get to the back yard were dad was shoveling the back stairs and the cement slab.
Dad made a big pile of snow and then he threw me on top of it.

We also moved the slide around so that I could slide down it into the snow.
Here is the process. I would get on top stand there for a while acting scared until dad would slide me down.

I only did it twice and that was enough for me.
Dad had fun throwing me into the snow. I think dad enjoyed it more than I did.

But dad was very nice and helped me get out after he would throw me in.

Here I am in the snow again such a shocker I know.
Here is mom and Zoe. It took them a while to come out because Zoe was eating and then mom bundled Zoe up to keep her warm. In the picture you can see the white mountains in the back ground.
Well that is the end of my adventure in the snow. Hopefully next time will be more exciting.

Christmas 2008

Well I know that when you see Christmas you expect to see the tree and the kids opening presents. But I thought it was kind of funny Kaleb got a hold of the camera and took these two random pictures. Our day started out at 3 a.m. Kaleb hadn't been feeling well and woke up early. So we decided to let him open present hoping it would cheer him up. Not so much he got more upset.

Jason opening a present.
Jason putting on his New York Jets Hats.

Kaleb opening a present under much distress.

Zoe trying to open a present.

Kaleb and Zoe playing with their presents.
Zoe playing with her toys.

Kaleb drawing on his new toy.

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

sick,toothy grin, two cuties

Kaleb has been sick lately. You can tell because he is laying still on the couch with dad.
If you look closely you can see Zoe's smiling is filling in with teeth.

Sitting on the chair looking cute as cute can be.


These picture shows how much snow we have gotten last week and on Sunday.

So you can see how much there is quite a difference. I looked at the newspaper and said we have gotten 9 inches lately which is tons. We are glad to finally have snow.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Zoe attacked by a basket Kaleb red faced from m and m's

Kaleb had some m and m's and his face got so red from the color's off of the m and m's I had to take a picture.
I am not quite sure how Zoe did this but we had to take some picture before we took it off. It wasn't hurting her but she was getting frustrated that it was stuck on her neck.

Building with Daddy

Well on Saturday Jason has a project of building something for his work van. Kaleb was very excited to help. Except for the jig saw.smiling for the camera.

Nice picture. It's a pretty drill. JK Jason reached across to give Kaleb something just as I took the picture.

Kaleb so excited about Jason drilling into the wood.

Present theives strike again

Well Kaleb is learning from his little sister's bad example of pulling presents out from under the tree. Zoe actually chewed through some wrapping paper for one of the presents for Jason so I wrapped it back up. Kaleb and Zoe tried opening another one. Zoe and Kaleb are so cute. Also today I was eating some chips I gave one to Kaleb and Jason got him an m and m. So Kaleb walked over to me put the chip back and went to dad to get a m and m.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The present thief

Zoe rolled under the tree found a present and rolled it back out which rolling over her bouncer's bar.
Zoe checking out the present which is actually for dad not her but that's okay.

Zoe was very excited that she was able to get it out she went back for more a little later. She hasn't rolled over that way again but I am certain when she does she will find a new present to steal.

Zoe 8 months old

Our cute little girl isn't quite so small any more. She is 8 months old. She is rolling around everywhere. She loves to try to play with her big brother. She is trying to figure out the sippy cup. She is doing pretty well. She definitely has got her own personality which is really cute and lovable.
Here Zoe is sleeping on her side. She doesn't normally sleep like that.
Cute little expression.

Just checking out the camera.

eating the teething ring.

eating a book.

smiling cute.

trying on hats.

Mom what is this thing take it off look.

Hi mom can I have the camera if not can I grab your glasses.

Wait I am getting ready to pounce just wait here it come. Nope just kidding.