Thursday, May 31, 2012

James' blessing Day May 27, 2012

So May 27 James was blessed and it was nice to have some family here to share it with.

 Grandma Anderson feeding James.
 Kids with Grandma Dye

 Frank and Grandpa Anderson.
 James fell asleep after eating his bottle.

 Our first picture with all of our kids and us together.

 James in his blessing outfit and blanket.
 James smiling

 Frank fell asleep and dad tried to get the kids to give him kisses.
 James watching the adults play phase 10.
 Us playing phase 10
Grandpa Anderson was done playing and he was falling asleep in the chair he looks so peaceful.

Family visiting May 26-27, 2012

We had Jason's mom, step dad, grandma and grandpa Anderson drive up to be here for James' blessing on Sunday.
 James sleeping with his bum in the air.
 Lately James likes to sleep on his tummy.
 Hailey and Grandpa Anderson.
 Hailey and dad.
Lorana holding James.

Pictures of James

 Some more pictures of James. May 22, 2012

James 2 months old

So May 21, 2012 James turned 2 months old. He also went to the doctor the same day. He is 12lb 12oz and he is 24 inches long. He got shots also and he did not like them. He slept for a long time after he got them. This picture was taken before we went to the dr. Also Zoe had her 4 year old check up and she is 41 1/2 inches tall and 39 lbs.

Too Tired to take a nap

So I tried getting Hailey to take a nap in her bed and she didn't. So later on in the day this is how I find her. May 17, 2012

James wearing shoes

 A friend of ours gave us some cute little baby shoes. So we tried them on James May 14, 2012.

James smile

 James is starting to smile more this pictures are from May 4, 2012.

Photo Shoot for Mother's day

Well last month I took pictures of the kids to use for mother's day present. Here are some of the pictures. I know it is a lot of pictures but I actually got some cute ones after I don't know how many pictures that I took.

 Zoe smiling for the camera.
 Hailey didn't like the idea she actually was mad in the picture but she looks cute.
 Kids watching the tv
 Hailey getting ready to spray me.
 Hailey modeling the hairspray.
 The three older ones together and smiling.
 Kaleb is smiling.While holding his toy phone
 Hailey smiling in her bed.
 Hailey showing me her kitty.
 Zoe holding James
 Kaleb holding James and Zoe watching. I like their expressions.
 more of Kaleb holding James
 Cute picture
 I like this picture with the head tilt.
 Smiling and trying to talk at the same time.
Another cute expression. So ends the photo shoot of the kids.