Monday, February 23, 2009

Zoe's New dresses

This passed week I decided to attempt making a dress for Zoe by crocheting one. I tried a couple and the patterns did not make sense to me so I found some more. These are the ones that I ended up with. The first one is called sitting pretty designed by Mary Jane Protus. The second one is Sweetie Pie designed by Marilyn Coleman.
I think that they turned out well and Zoe looks cute. It is hard to get good pictures of her especially now that she has learned to crawl and she goes full speed.
Zoe checking out her dress.

Zoe eating a flashlight I thought it is funny they way she squashes her nose.

Here is the second dress.

Well that is the pictures of Zoe in her new dresses I think that they turned out well for the first time ever making anything like them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

picture frenzy AKA picture catch up

Well here goes really fast.
Kaleb really cute and Jason making a weird face. He won't be to happy to see this picture up oh well. It is cute.
Me and Zoe
Zoe crawling more and more.

Zoe and daddy's slippers.

Slipper over the head.

Kaleb walking in the slippers.

Zoe eating spaghetti.

Zoe riding Kaleb's car.

Looking up the stairs.

Reach as far as she could.

Kaleb and cinnamon rolls.

Kaleb sniffing the dough.

Kaleb rolling out the dough.

Looking up the stairs.

Well I hope you all enjoy the picture for the last week and a half.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Zoe 10 months old

Well Our little girl is growing so fast it is crazy to think in a less than two months she will be one years old. She is growing and developing a lot and getting quite big. She is wanting to play with brother sometimes more than brother would like. She is a joy to have and we are so blessed to have her and Kaleb we are lucky to have such cute and lovable kids. Zoe smiling for the camera.
Kaleb wanted to be involved but under his own terms.

Kaleb telling us to be quiet.

Zoe loves to feel the material she thinks it is fun.
This is the back to a blanket I finished with some help from my mom.

Here is the front I need to take pictures of the front and back sometime soon.

This is a favorite pass time for Zoe she likes to pull the clothes or anything out of something she loves it and will entertain her for a while. The only catch is she doesn't know how to pick up after she pulls everything out. But in this picture you can even see her smiling through her binky.

Cheerios necklace

A little while ago Kaleb and I made a necklace with Cheerios he helped put them on the string and then I put it on him he thought it was neat for a minute then I showed him he could eat them and he thought that was neat. So he ate them until the yarn got a little wet then he was done. But it was a fun little project he did enjoy.
Kaleb showing off his necklace.

Kaleb eating his necklace.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

update for our family

Hi I am just going to do an update and hopefully later I can find time to upload the pictures and put them up. Well Zoe is trying to crawl more and more. But she only is able to do so one knee or sometimes twice but then she stops. I don't think she is confident is what she is doing.Yesterday we also discovered two more teeth in her mouth so that makes eleven teeth in her little mouth. She has a cold or is getting more teeth we are still trying to decide. Kaleb is very curious and he wants to know everything even if we don't quite understand what he is saying. But you can tell he is asking a question. Kaleb's favorite words lately is "I'll get it." When ever the phone rings or anything like that he always says he will get it even though he doesn't understand quite what it means. I am excited I got to load in a show and take it down all in the same day. It was fun to do that stuff again I haven't done anything with it for at least two years. It was fun. It was a little hard because I haven't done it in a while. Also there is always new things when it comes to theatre. Also the place they were setting it up in is actually an ice arena. So there isn't really lights for a concert at all. So they had to bring in all their lights and motors to put there lights up where they wanted them. But it was fun I would like to do it again if the opportunity happens and I can find a baby sitter and all that jazz. Jason is doing well he did better in January than he did in December. He also took a week and a half off. But that just let you know how slow December is. But hopefully it means things will start picking up more. Also today the plan is to go and donate blood later on today. So hoping that will go okay. Well that is all hopefully I will get pictures up soon.