Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zoe and her toy

These are the pictures I had trouble with earlier. But I got them to work as you can see.

Well here is my story. My name is Zoe, I was minding my own business and this camera starts taking pictures of me. I was caught in the act of eating my toys which I do all the time.

I just can't resist the toys I need to taste them as often as possible even if you are watching me. Wow this toy especially is really good. It's great for sticking my two teeth into it.
Okay I am done know I will stare at you and pretend you didn't capture me eating my toy. What are you looking at I am innocent. Well so ends this story of Zoe and her toy.

Look Mom I'm flying

Here is a picture of Zoe on her stomach and she is smiling. It's rare to see her smile. Lately she gets mad and cries when she rolls over. I tried putting some other photos on but the computer didn't like it. So I will try again later.

Kaleb at the park

Well on Monday Jason got done with work early. So we decided to go to the park. It was a nice day not to hot or anything. So here is Kaleb's story.

Well here is sister this is all she did at the park. Then towards the end it was windy and daddy took her to the truck and got her out of the car seat and she was happy again. I can't wait until she is old enough to get out and play with me.

Here I am playing. I'm not quite sure how this is suppose to work oh well.

Here I am trying to grab the rings and hang on. I think dad is crazy I didn't want to try this. So we went and did something else.

Here I am by the slide I went down several times with mom. Mom was worried about the big drop off at the end. Dad had already taken sister to the truck so dad couldn't stand at the bottom to catch me. The only down side to the slide is that it kept shocking my bum when I went down it. But I still liked going down it was fun.

I'm not quite sure what this thing is suppose to do but it was fun to turn them with my hands. It was one of the toys I kept playing with off and on during the time at the park. So then we I got tired we went back to the truck and went home. I hope we can come back again soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It worked horray!

Well today I decided to try the play dough thing again. I figured out what I had done wrong last time. I had mixed two recipes together one was for finger paint the other one was for play dough. So needless to say it didn't work. But this time I made sure to follow just one recipe and it worked Kaleb was thrilled.

Kaleb stirs as fast as he can. He gets tired and asks mom to help. Then the mixture is complete.
What should I do first?

Mom gives me some play dough. So of course I need to taste this mixture to make sure it is okay for me to play with. Well here goes.

The texture isn't to bad and I for sure need a second taste to make sure.

Then I decide that I can do more than just eat this stuff I can throw it and I do so many times. In this picture I am about ready to drop the play dough to see what will happen.

Now I know it will just fall and hit the table. This picture is the after math of me letting it go. I have to test this theory many times to be for certain that is what will happen every time. So end this story of the play dough and me. So ends another adventure with Kaleb messy but happy.
The End

Blast from the past

Well these two pictures are pretty neat. The first one is of Kaleb. The second one is of Zoe. The neat thing is they are both playing with the same toy at about the same age. Well at least I thought it was neat.

Kaleb the helper

Well a couple days ago Kaleb discovered the small broom and the dust pan and he went straight to sweeping up things off the floor. He does this often another thing he does is he will get a hold of a piece of material either a dish rag, blanket, anything and he will start to dust or wipe up the floor. The great thing is he does it completely on his own.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kaleb and the play dough gone bad.

Well today I thought it would be fun to have an activity with Kaleb and I found this recipe to make play dough. Sounds simple enough but not for me today. I think I ended up putting to much water or something. So it didn't work out. The crazy thing is that when I would hold it up it would in a way drip slowly down to the table. Kaleb found it quite amazing. But I ended up throwing it away. I feel bad because I really wanted it to work. I keep adding things hoping it would help but to no avail. So here are some pictures of Kaleb during the whole process.

So here is Kaleb's story.
Kaleb being the good help decides to stir the
very mushy play dough. He continues to stir and
stir but the play dough doesn't get less runny.

Then Kaleb looks at mom wondering what to do.
Mom look and she finds some more flour. So we put that in and Kaleb stir some more. But it still isn't working. So then mom get some corn starch hoping that would help but no.

By this time Kaleb is not happy and wants to play with the play dough. So mom gives him some knowing it is going to be a messy. She puts it into the now empty corn starch can. I put it into the can and dump it out many times.

So when I am done I point at what I have created. I want mom to see.

Here is my masterpiece I am very proud of it. I hope I can do something like this again soon.

So ends the story of Kaleb and the play dough gone bad.

The End

The cupboard

Our story begins, hey wait a minute where is the star well sorry folks we might have to cancel the show. No wait I think I see him. Yes the cupboard is opening and yes there he is.

Kaleb the star of the show has arrived.
He likes having his picture taken so much he can't stay in his hiding spot he has to go and sneak up on me. So he cautiously gets closer and closer and he has discovered.

That it is a camera that is taking pictures of him.
So now he wants it so that is the end of the show people when Kaleb wants the camera.
Thanks for tuning in the next story involving Kaleb who knows. But I can say this it involves play dough gone bad.

Zoe's a rolling

Well yesterday Zoe finally figured out how to roll herself over. Jason and I were watching her and she would teater to the one side then roll the other direction. Then finally she rolled over and I tried to get a picture but after all that work she wasn't very happy and kept moving quite fast. But today she rolled over again and I think I got some better pictures of her. But Jason and I are very proud of her she is learning things so fast.
This first picture I know that she has her head down but it was one of the only pictures I got that turned out somewhat descent.
Then this picture is of her second roll over from her back to her stomach. I know that she has some spit on her chin but I think she is getting yet another tooth.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Photo Shoot

Well today I thought it would be fun to try to get some pictures of the kids together that were half way decent. That is a feat in itself as you will see with the pictures. Kaleb toward the end didn't want to have thing to do with it. He just wanted the camera which is the main reason it is hard to get good pictures of him unless he is playing with something else and he doesn't see what you have. It's crazy to think that in about a month and a half Kaleb will be 2 years old. It is crazy how fast they grow up. The only thing is you don't realize until you look back and see how amazing little kids are and how fast they grow. Kaleb lately loves to chase butterflies in the yard and he loves to find planes that fly overhead. He has discovered the art of opening doors. So we have had to start either locking them or getting the child proof door knobs. Zoe is growing more each day she has two teeth now and she is pretty happy for the most part. She loves to go in her bouncer and to stand up. She also wants to sit up. She doesn't like to be on the floor for very long. Everyday she is getting closer and closer to rolling over. But I don't think she realizes how close she really is to rolling over. She is getting really good at grabbing things. I would say about 50 percent of the time she is able to grab what she is going after.

This picture is of Kaleb trying to get Zoe to punch him in the face. I think it is pretty funny.

This picture is of Zoe and her retaliation towards Kaleb. Just kidding. Zoe is just rolling to the one side and Kaleb happens to be there so she decided to grab him.

Here is a picture of Zoe it's not the best one but I think it is cute.

Here is Kaleb during his break down wanting the camera.

This picture of Kaleb and Zoe isn't anything really special. But they are both looking at me. Which if you have kids or ever tried taking pictures of kids it is a feat in itself.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kaleb's Fort

Well last night after family home evening. Jason put together a fort for Kaleb it didn't last very long. Kaleb liked the little space to play it but it pulled the blanket off of his chair so that was the end of the 1st draft for a fort for Kaleb. So the pictures below are of the fort before it's demise. The other picture is of Kaleb playing with the flashlight in the fort.

So then after the first one Jason came up with a plan and he put it up in the corner of the room on the book case and Kaleb loves it. It is even still up right now and Kaleb keeps going in with the flashlight in hand. The only problem is he doesn't understand that he needs to duck or crawl in he keep riping one of the blankets off.

So these two pictures are of the second draft of the fort. The one is what the fort looks like and Kaleb has the flashlight on. The other one is Kaleb in the fort and all the toys around him still playing with the flashlight.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kaleb and the Box

Kaleb discovers a box.

So Kaleb desides to crawl inside

Then Kaleb desides to try to close the box.

Kaleb then figures out that he can't close the box

Kaleb then desides to crawl out and continue on his marry way.

The End

Zoe and Kaleb

Kaleb and Zoe sitting in Kaleb's chair. This is the first picture of them that turned out okay.
Kaleb giving Zoe kisses.
Kaleb is 22 months old in this picture and Zoe is 4 months old in this picture to the date.

Attack of the stickers

Kaleb finding the stickers and that they will stick to him.

Then trying to get them off becomes a challenge.

They have now multiplied to Kaleb's head

Kaleb sitting there not realizing that they are still stickers on his head.

Kaleb now stuck with tons of stickers.

The story of the watering hose

Here's the story of the watering hose.
Kaleb very shy and wanting to help.
Very smartly water's the plants.

Then he notices the camera and something comes over him.
He first starts by trying to water that sky.
Then he decides the sidewalk is a little thirsty.
Then his hand decides it needs to get wet.
Then we end the day with Kaleb trying to drink out of the hose and really really wet. Kaleb has transformed into the wet child. Very opposite to the very shy child that started in this story.
But we still love this very curious little boy even if he is dripping wet.