Wednesday, September 23, 2009

even more pics of camping and Zoe's unknown rash.

On Monday when we were getting kids ready for bed gave them baths. We noticed Zoe had a rash on her tummy and chest. Found out the next day the rash is on her back but not as bad. Not sure what it is from thinking an allergic reaction to something not sure what. It does seem to be less red today. So hopefully it is getting better.
Zoe's tummy today you can see the rash a little bit.
Kaleb pounding the stakes into the ground very impressed he got them in far enough that they stood up on their own. This one is of two he got in.
This is the first one. You can tell he watched dad carefully yesterday when he was putting up the tent.

More camping pictures.

Here are some more pictures

Kaleb and Zoe standing on a huge stump.

Kaleb trying to stand up after dad set him up there.
Kaleb coming to check on sister.

Zoe watching dad take down the tent.

Kaleb using the air pump for the air mattress and using it like a leaf blower.


We were able to go camping this weekend. It didn't turn out exactly like we had planned but it was fun. Poor little Zoe was sick. She did fairly well. Sorry the pictures are in the opposite order that they happened.

Zoe after breakfast and changed into clothes for the day she was so exhausted she fell asleep in the stroller.

Kaleb discovering that sister is sleeping.

Sitting by the campfire. A little after we arrived.

Jason cutting up wood for the fire. Kaleb thought it was pretty neat.

Kaleb watching dad set up the tent.

Had an Ultrasound yesterday

Well yesterday we went to the doctor and had our 20 week ultrasound. Everything went well. Jason and the kids were able to come and watch the baby on the television screen. The technician asked us if we would like to know what the baby was if she could get a look down there and we said yes. Jason found a piece of paper and wrote something down.
The the technician said it looks like a girl and Jason showed me the paper and he had written girl. I have been asking him lately what he thought the baby would be and he wasn't sure but when we got there for the ultrasound he thought it would be a girl and he was right. So the picture is sideways but it is of the baby's face.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kids and dad

This is a fun game the kids play with dad. Dad will throw the ball up on the roof and it will roll off and they try to catch it.
Here are all three all ready to catch the ball when it comes.
Here is dad and Zoe waiting for the ball.

More of Idaho and the kids

Kaleb was feeling left out picture wise so he is showing me his sheep so I can take a picture of the sheep not of him.
Zoe hairdo for a minute she isn't used to having things in her hair.

Another Zoe hair do.

A picture of Jason's brothers except one and Lisa and Brooke and the wives and the kids.

The brother's and Max.

Wow even more pics from Idaho

Kaleb and Preston on the swing. Jason and Zoe on the other swing.
Max holding onto the bar while balancing on his dad's shoulders. He wanted to be like the big kids.

Kaleb and Preston still going and Duncan and Emma in the background.

Checking out Uncle Tyler's computer.

More of Idaho and family

Well here are some more pictures of the trip.

Zoe trying on her cousin's bow.

Kaleb swinging with Emma.
Grandma swinging with Zoe.
More swinging.
All of them swing together.

Unplanned visit to Idaho

Well we found out Friday afternoon that Lisa and the kids were headed to Idaho. So two hours later Jason was home from work and packing up the car and away we went. Jason drove until 2 a.m. and then we found a place to stay in Boise. In the morning we made it down to Burley. We were able to visit with all of Jason's brother's except Adam. It was neat to see how the little brothers are not so little. Jason's mom was also able to come up from Pocatello and visit so over all it was a great visit with family.
Kaleb looking at pictures on Grandma Dye's camera.
An actual family photo which we haven't had one in a while. It's not the greatest but everyone is looking at the camera.
Zoe sitting on the floor with her blanket near grandma. She is ready for bed.

Zoe riding on dad's back.

I know this picture isn't the greatest but Kaleb is somewhat in focus and you can tell he is having fun riding on dad's back.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bunk beds and popcorn

I let the kids go upstairs and I went up a little later and found Zoe up on the top bunk and couldn't figure out how to get down . So I took some pictures because I suspected that she had gotten up there. Also we had popcorn together a couple nights ago and we gave some to the kids there were cute sitting on the couch eating their popcorn.
Zoe on the bunk.

Then Kaleb crawled and wanted a picture of him also.

Kaleb eating popcorn.

Zoe eating popcorn.
Both of them eating popcorn.

Kaleb's house for his truck

We got out the blocks a couple days ago and Kaleb kept wanting me to build a house for the truck. I would build something and he would knock it over in about two seconds. He had a lot of fun. He was patient while I would build something and wait until I said I was done.

The truck in it's home.

Kaleb putting the truck in it's home.

Kaleb giving a small smile for the camera.

The after math.

Another house for the truck.

Zoe's new socks

Zoe got a hold of the oven mitts and anything that is possible to fit on her feet she does it. So here are some of the pictures of her wearing oven mitts on her feet and playing with a bucket.

Zoe putting the oven mitts on.