Tuesday, January 29, 2013

our trip to San Diego January 2013

So every year for Jason's work they have an yearly meeting. This year we got to go to San Diego. It was nice. Jason's mom came and watched the kids so that both of us could go this year.
Steve, Neil, Dustin,Jason and Ryan at the carmedic dinner.

 The view from our room
 The view from our room also of the parking lot but hey we could see the water.
 San Diego temple at night they still had the Christmas light on
 More Christmas lights
 Even more Christmas lights
 The Beach and the ocean.
 At the Hotel they had rescued seals.
 The ducks at the hotel.
 There was a pretty water fountain
 The  boat that we got to go on 2 years ago.
 Jason and I in front of the temple
 It is so pretty when the sunshined throught the windows.
More of the pretty temple

Grandma Dye's visit

So Grandma Dye was able to come over and visit so Jason and I could go to San Diego for the annual meeting. We waited until she got her to open the Christmas presents from her.

Hailey opening her present
 Kaleb opening his present
 Kaleb opening his present still
 Zoe opened her present
 Hailey got a little castle with a princess and a puppy
 Zoe's princess and her horse.
Hailey's castle and Kaleb's building blocks that is a police station and a police car. 12-29-2012

Christmas 2012

We had the kids wait until about 7:30 til they could come out to open their presents

  Zoe checking out her presents
 Kaleb showing off his m and m's
 Zoe getting things out of her stockings
 Hailey and her stocking

 Zoe opening her presents
 I was helping Hailey with her presents

 Kaleb opening his presents
 Kaleb's new remote control car
 Hailey opening her presents
 Hailey's train track and train
 Hailey's new doctor kit

 Hailey opening presents
 Hailey's train track set up
 Kaleb excited about his presents
 driving his new car
 James woke up later than everyone so he opened up his present. He was interested in the wrapping paper.
 James opening his present

I tried to show James what to do

James 9 months old

 Well our little guy is 9 months old. We took him to the Dr. for his 9 month old check up he is 22 pounds and 2 ounces and he is 29 1/4 inches long. He still isn't mobile other than going in circles.
James smiling
 James likes to make little noise and talk to you.
 more of the little guy
 James trying to get the camera
 Zoe likes her little brother and loves to play with him.12-21-2012

Monday, January 28, 2013

December random pictures

 Our kids used some old boxes to make a town and they would knock on the box like it was a house to talk to the other kids it was pretty cute.
 Hailey playing with the wall.
 James all dressed up for church. This outfit is a 18 month old clothes but they fit and he looks so cute.
One more picture of him sitting all dressed up. 12-16-2012

Christmas tree 2012

 Our tree all decorated with the help from the all of the kids
 Closer shot of the tree

One last picture of the tree