Tuesday, July 31, 2012

James 4 months old

 Well our little boy is a growing boy. He turned 4 months old on July 21,2012. So here are picture of him being 4 months old. I took him in for his 4 month old check up. He is 17 lbs and 10 ounces and 25 3/4 inches long. He is the 75-90th percentile for both. So he is doing well which is nice to know since the rocky start that we had with him.

                                                                      James smiling
More smiling.
                                                   This picture I was showing how long he is.

Hailey for some reason felt the need to pock brother while mom was trying to take pictures.

Fun pics of the kids

 Zoe loves to play with James and this day she decided to share her stuffed animals with him.

                                              Zoe and James and the stuffed animals.
                           I like this picture of Zoe and James. James is smiling at her.
                                                James and his cute grin that he has.

camping first time this summer 2012

 So we have been thinking about getting a trailer for a while and turns out recently one of the car dealerships got in two and we were able to get this one. We ended up trading in the truck on it. We are really excited. So we hooked it up and ventured on Saturday July 16 and we found this spot. The first camping ground was full. So we drove up the road a little and found this one. We had a good time.  We spent the night got up fed the kids and drove home and got ready for church and went.

                                                   Kids helping dad set up the trailer.
                                                        James smiling for the camera.
                            We decided to walk down to the water. Jason and the kids walked onto the dock.
                                                 Kids playing rummicube their own way.
Jason and I had pizza for dinner. Jason had to run back to town and help someone move so he came back with pizza.
                                                    Kaleb showing off for the camera.
                          We drove down to a playground and walked over to the water. Very pretty view.
                                                   Kids checking out the water.
                                       Daddy, Zoe, Kaleb enjoying the fire that dad built.
                                                      Hailey also enjoying the fire.
Mom and the kids enjoying the fire. We ended up making s'mores. Kaleb and Hailey liked them for the most part. Zoe just ate the chocolate and some of the graham cracker. Oh, well at least they all tried it. So ends our first adventure in the trailer. The only incident was during the night poor Zoe fell out of her bed. So all in all I think it was a success.

July 4, 2012 fun

So very spur of the moment we decided to go over and visit Jason's cousin for the 4th of July. So we made it there and went to bed in the morning we went and had breakfast at the church. Their ward does a breakfast on the 4th. Then Jason and Ryan went golfing. Tiffany and I stayed at their house and let the kids unwind a little. Then we went to a park that they had set up for kids and families to have fun. The first thing the kids wanted to do was the bouncy house. Then we stood in line for almost an hour to get balloons. Then we had some ice cream and played on the play ground. Went back to their house had dinner and did some fireworks that we had gotten on the way back to their house. It was quite fun. Then we came home and it was 2 or so in the morning and put kids to bed.

 Kaleb in the bouncy house
 Zoe in the bouncy house.
 Zoe with her butterfly balloon.
 Zoe's balloon.                                                                                          
                                                           Zoe showing off her balloon.
                                            Kaleb and his blue alien. He ended up dropping it right after they gave it to  him. So they were nice enough to fix it for him.
 Hailey got a bear with a heart.

 All three of them showing me their balloons.

 Hailey after the ice cream. It was Italian ice or something like that.     

                                                          Kaleb after his alien was fixed.

So there was a little girl at the play ground and her and her grandpa had brought an old petal car he had restored to the car show that was at the park. She was nice enough to ask Zoe if she wanted to ride in it. So Zoe and Kaleb got to ride in it. In the one picture of a girl pushing Zoe that is the girl that let us play with the car. Kaleb was so sad when we had to go. He had fun playing with it. I got to talk to the grandpa and he restores the petal cars as a hobby and he has quite a few of them.

Zoe in the car and the little girl on her bike that let us play with it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

kids in the rain

 The kids had fun running in the rain and running on the porch.

Jason holding James. Watching the rain come down.
 Hailey and Kaleb getting wet in the rain.
 Zoe on the porch.
Hailey and Zoe. Pictures from June 29, 2012

burrowing bees and sister and brother love

 We have found burrowing bees so the kids stay away from them.
 This is the picture of how Zoe likes to sit with James she puts his feet around her and her feet around him. So he can't kick her.

Nap time

 Hailey was so tired she fell asleep with her snack in her lap.
 Hailey sleeping
 James sleeping
 James sleeping with daddy while mom got ready for bed.
All happened on June 22, 2012

James 3 months old

 The older kids wanted to pretend to sleep so they pulled out their blankets and pillows and slept by their kitchen.
 Our little boy is growing so fast he is 3 months old and growing every day.
 Look how long he is getting.
 I like his expression from this picture
To this picture. Taken June 21, 2012

Playing in the water

 Jason got the a fun sprinkler for the kids it shoots out balls with the water the kids actually like it so they love playing with it.

Here are the kids playing with it.

 More water and Hailey and Zoe are having fun.
 Kaleb playing in the water.
 All of the kids are playing.
 James enjoying the outside.
 Looking down at the kids from their swing set.

 Cute pictures of James.
 James sticking out his tongue.

I like this picture he was in mid yawn. June 16, 2012