Friday, January 27, 2012

The race day

Here is the finished product of our lady bug. Here is it's face.

Here is the side and top of the lady bug the kids added the black dots and lines.

Hailey eating popcorn and watching the races.

Kaleb watching the race.

Zoe sitting at the finish line to watch the cars come down.

We had fun and the thing we did figure out is next year we will make at least two cars so the kids won't fight over who gets to play and hold the car.

Pinewood derby part 1

Because we don't have a lot of Cub Scouts in our ward the whole ward is invited to participate in the pinewood derby. So we asked the kids what we should make and had them draw pictures and one of the pictures was a lady bug. I thought that was possible. Got it sanded down and then had the kids paint.

Zoe and Kaleb painting the lady bug.

I got them somewhat to look at me and smile they were very interested in painting.

Here is the painting done but the lady bug isn't done.

Zoe building a tower

So Zoe wanted to build and wanted me to take a picture.

This picture is mid build.

This is Zoe's tower once it was built with a tractor trailer on top.

While I was waiting for Zoe to build Hailey wanted me to take her picture while she ran around the room.

Up close picture of Hailey.

Finally snow

We finally got snow and it was January. Jason stayed home because of all the snow. So we got the kids dressed in snow pants and coats gloves and hats. We made our way out to the yard and poor Hailey kept falling down since the snow was so deep it was hard for her to walk in.

Kaleb and Zoe walking in the snow.

Dad pulling Zoe and Hailey around in the sled.

Kaleb pulling the sled around.

Hailey swinging. She had to close her eyes half the time since the snow was still coming down.

Dad pushing Zoe in the swing.

Hailey and Zoe riding in the sled.

Dad pushing Zoe down the little hill in the yard.

Dad trying to snowboard down the hill using a sled.

We had fun the only down fall is when we came back inside poor Hailey's hands were cold and she didn't like how it felt when they warmed up. It was really fun to finally play in the snow.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Blanket for the new baby

Jason was out of town for the weekend. So I wanted a project to do while he was gone. So I tackled making a baby blanket. It took me a couple of days. But it is done. I like it and it is so soft.

Here is the back of the blanket.

Here is the front of the blanket.

Hailey and her bed

So this weekend we started the change from a crib to a bed. She struggled the first night partially because she was so excited and so was Zoe. So we ended up putting her back into the crib. Thursday I put her down for a nap and she got up once and turned on the light. So after a little longer she fell asleep. So this picture is the first time Hailey fell asleep in her bed. So likes to have her kitty sleep with her.

Toy Helicopter

Jason got a toy Helicopter for Christmas. The kids ask dad everyday as soon as he walks through the door to fly it. The only thing is the kids are scared of it. They run away from it. But they think it is neat.

Jason, Zoe and Kaleb with the helicopter flying right by them.

Hailey checking out the helicopter. The room is chaos since it was a couple days after Christmas so the kids kept pulling out a lot of toys.