Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My first attempt at sewing something for the Zoe

So I have been attempting to sew lately I thought trying to make something for Zoe would be a good start. So here is the finished product. It's not perfect but I needed to start somewhere.


Jason came home from work on Friday and he put up the tent. The kids had fun they were excited and ran in and out and ran around. Jason tried sleeping in the tent with the kids it didn't go well. Zoe refused and I guess around 3 in the morning one of the neighbors were leaving their house and so it woke them up. Oh well it was still fun. Jason even made a fire in our little fire pit .

Zoe in the tent if you look behind her you can see the sleeping bags. They both went running into the house looking for them to put in the tent.

Kaleb standing in front of the tent.

Time goes so fast Hailey 4 months old

Well our little Hailey isn't so little any more. She is 4 months old. We took her to the doctor Monday and she is 19 pounds 12 ounces and 26 inches long. So she is good sized. Also the same day she turned 4 months grandma Dye sent some cute little summer dresses for the girls so some of the pictures have the girls in them.

Hailey in her new dress from grandma.

Hailey and Zoe in their cute little dresses.

Hailey in the bouncer one of her favorite things to do.

Hailey being happy.

Zoe, Hailey and Kaleb all together. At least two of them are smiling.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hiking silverfalls

Well on Saturday we had the opportunity of going on a hike with some friends. It was a really nice day and we had heard that the hike was easy and kids shouldn't have any trouble doing it. So we thought okay lets go. We went over to our friends house and we headed over to Silver Falls. On the way up I guess there was a bike race of sorts so we passed a fair amount of bikers. We got up there and we saddled up Hailey in this awesome baby backpack that Rustin let us borrow and Jason got her on his back and we headed up the stairs. It ended up being quite a hike up many stairs. Halfway up Zoe was done and Rustin was really nice and he packed Zoe on his shoulders she actually ended up sitting more or less on his backpack. But we made it up and back the kids fell asleep in the car on the way down and it was nice just a little warm but when we were by the falls it felt really nice.

Hailey in the backpack. Thanks again to Rustin and his family for letting us borrow it.

Our family and Evelyn drinking his water.

Kids having a drink break.

Zoe and mom going over the water.

Jason, Zoe, Kaleb, and Hailey by the waterfall. It was an awesome hike. But we did find out that one side was definitely a lot easier to do than the other. The one side went up fast and tons of stairs and the other more of a gradual climb and some stairs oh well live and learn. I do think it would be fun to attempt it again.

Kaleb's new friends

Kaleb was helping dad out in the garden and we found a worm and showed him he thought it was awesome and dad found and even bigger one. I ended up coming inside to feed Hailey and then Kaleb came inside to show me his new friend.

The worm trying to escape.

Kaleb talking baby talk to the worm and trying to pet it.

Hiking around beehive

Memorial weekend on Saturday we went for a drive and went up to Beehive and walked around the lake. The kids had fun seeing the people fishing and throwing rocks into the lake. Kaleb would pack several around and then we would tell him when it was okay to throw some in. Normally when we were a ways from anyone fishing. They had fun and it was a nice day which was nice to have.