Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well I have been trying to do experiments with the kids lately.

This one is colored water and oil the kids seem to like to play with them.

Kaleb loved to shake it till there was just bubbles. he then had to wait for them to separate.

treasure hunt they enjoyed the treasure the hunt not so much.

looking and seeing what they had found.

put Zoe's hair in braids lasted a minute so I was glad I took pictures.

playing outside

Well it has been nicer weather at least last week it was. So we played outside. So here are some of the better pictures.

Kaleb trying to give Zoe a dandelion to blow the seeds she wouldn't touch it.

A cute little smile on Hailey.

Zoe attempting to pick the flower.

Going down the slide.

Kaleb preparing to go down the slide.

Monday, May 10, 2010

even more pictures

On Saturday for mother's day Jason took me and the kids to Northbend and got me some new clothes for mother's day and I had to feed Hailey before we headed home. So Jason wondered around with the kids for a little bit. When they came to the car Zoe was wearing these glasses and she is inseparable from the now and has to know where they are at all times. Kaleb and Jason both got a pair of glasses but Zoe is the one that is the most interested in them.

Zoe helping make cookies she is making a plane cookie.
Kaleb also made a plane cookie. The kids made all different shapes and sizes of cookies they had fun.
This is one of Zoe's favorite things to do lately is color.

more pictures

Hailey likes to feel the softness of blankets by her face. So one day I put one blanket on her and one around her head it worked for a minute. So I decided to take a picture so looked so cute.

All three kids together the older ones are looking and smiling that isn't an easy thing to do.

Zoe and Hailey next to each other.

Kaleb building a house for a toy. He totally covers up the toy with the blocks but he always says lets build a house and this is what we end up with.

A picture of the whole family. This is a rare occasion.


Hailey in a hat for a minute.

Zoe in her new dress that she got for her birthday from Grandma Kathy.

Hailey two months old

Happy face

Kaleb trying to read to Hailey.