Monday, April 5, 2010

Zoe's 2nd birthday

Wow, two years have gone fast. Our little girl isn't really little anymore. We celebrated her birthday and we had some friends over to celebrate it. The kids had fun with the other kids and they had fun with the cake and presents. I will hopefully get to post some more pictures later. But Hailey is demanding my attention so we will see.

Zoe opening her presents.

before opening.
blowing at the candles she did that several times before we got done singing happy birthday.

I like this pictures.

Zoe's cake. I tried and it tasted pretty good for my first attempt at a round cake.

tongues and plants

Kaleb and Zoe got to plant some flowers on Friday and they wanted to show them to dad so here are the pictures of them showing the plants. Also they decided to also show their tongues also.

Kaleb showing his.

Zoe showing hers and an Easter egg.

Here are the plants.

going to the door to show the plants to dad.