Monday, September 29, 2008

Taking a nap with daddy

Yesterday we gave Zoe a bath. Then Jason got her dressed and came down stairs. When I came down. They were taking a nap together I couldn't resist taking a picture. It was just to cute.

Kaleb the monkey

Kaleb wanted attention because I was taking pictures of Zoe. So he crawled onto his chair.

Then up onto the futon.

The he crawled on the top of the futon.

Zoe's scooting

Zoe yesterday she was moving. She's been doing so for the passed couple of days but this time I can show where she started from. Zoe was on the blanket and she slowly pushed her self backwards.

She did have fun doing it.

Here she is looking at brother crawling up on the futon

Here she is smiling at Kaleb. But I am amazed at how far she got from the blanket.

Daddy's sweater

Daddy came home from work and was wearing a sweater. I thought it was neat so dad put it on me.

I didn't really mind. Until I started tripping on it.

So I tried getting it off. It didn't work very well. So I went over to mom and she helped me get it off. It was somewhat difficult because she was holding Zoe at the same time. But I finally got free.

Kaleb's second attempt

When I ate my lunch mom put them back up. So I hurried to eat my food. Then when I got down I went to town by pulling them down again.

I think it was really fun.

The only down fall is that I pull them down so fast. Then I look around and they are all gone and then I was a little sad. I help mom clean them up . But I thought I should get all of the yarn and papers and the tape.

Kaleb's first attempt

When Kaleb got up from his nap and found the letters he ran around the room and pulled everyone of them down.

When I got up from my nap I came down stairs with my mom and there was some weird things hanging from the ceiling. So then I tried pulling on one of them and it came down. So then I ran to the next one and did the same.

So I ran around the room pulling down the letters.

Then I got one stuck on my foot. Then I got it off of my foot and continued pulling them down.

This one was the last one I pulled down and it was one of the hardest ones to come down.

Know what should I do?

Letter's from the sky

Well last week I thought it would be fun to do something for Kaleb to play with so while he was taking his nap I cut out letter and hung them from the ceiling. Before he woke up though Zoe was awake and she thought it was fun except she wasn't able to grab them.

Well mom put me on the floor and there was these weird thing hanging down. I thought it was pretty neat.

So I was looking up at these weird things. I tried grabbing them but all of them were just out of my reach.

So then I just ignored them.

Zoe 180

Zoe was able to roll from her stomach to her back in this picture. But in this exact picture she isn't to happy.

In this picture Zoe is a little happier. But I can count on one hand how many times she has doe this.

Zoe and Kaleb's car

Hi here is my story of this car. First I started by eating this ribbon. Just so you know it is really yummy.

Oh no I think it got tangled. Well lets see this one
goes here and that one goes here. There I think that is how it goes.

Then daddy got home and put me up on it. I'm not to sure about it. But I kept my balance so far.

I wonder what this orange button does?

Okay in this picture I was smiling. But two seconds later I was in daddy's lap. I lost my balance and fell over. But I will remember playing with this car.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've been tagged

Well one of my friends has tagged me. So here goes

10 years ago I:
1.I was in Junior high school
2.I was actually acting in a play.
3.I had a crush on some boy that I don't even remember
4. I was excited to start high school next year.
5. I was able to visit my aunt every day. She was the secretary for the seminary.

5 thing on today's to do list:
1 Clean the kitchen
2 do some laundry
3 figure out an activity for Kaleb to do
4 read to the kids
5 make the beds

5 snacks I enjoy
1 ice cream
2 chips either doritos or the baked lays
3 twizzlers either the normal ones or the pull and peel
4 dry cereal doesn't matter what kind
5 cheese

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire
1 pay off all our debts
2 buy a house where we can have goats Jason really likes goats he used to raise them
3 go to Australia Jason really wants to go there again someday
4 have a huge family reunion and pay for everyones expenses
5 go on a trip and be able to visit all of our family and friends that are all over the place

5 places I have lived:
1 Benjamin, Utah
2 Logan, Utah
3 Spanish Fork, Utah
4 Pasco, Washington
5 Wenatchee, Washington

5 Jobs I have had
1 doing tech in high school
2 building sets in college
3 being a mentor for high school kids
4 being art watcher
5 being a mom

I tagged

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Leaves

On Saturday we went and played in the leaves that are falling off of the trees.

Kaleb decided to help by raking them up. The only problem was that he didn't really rake them into a pile he actually spread them around. But he did have fun doing so.

Kaleb looking up because he was told to try to rake them up into a pile and he didn't understand.

Now dad put Kaleb into the pile and he is being covered with them. He thought it was funny for about 2 seconds. But that's okay. It was still lots of fun.

So then Jason started to throw leaves onto Kaleb he thinks it is funny. In this picture we finally were able to catch the leaves falling down.

Kaleb is helping Zoe with picking up the leaves.
Kaleb went searching for some better leaves for Zoe. So then she can eat them? Not the best plan of action.
Zoe is trying to pick up the leaves that look so good she wants to eat them.
She has successfully gotten a hold of the leaves. The only problem is so actually did try to eat them and got a piece stuck in her mouth she didn't like that. But about 2 seconds later she was trying again.
Zoe looking innocent about eating the leaves but we all know she wants to eat more of them even if she does end up spiting them out.
Well this is the adventure we had in our back yard and the kids had fun for the most part.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

kids and a store ad

Well Kaleb is more conservative then Zoe when it come to looking at a ad that we got in the mail. He was being very gentle and looking at the pages like mom was.

Then there was Zoe she wanted a piece of the ad and she got one and she kept trying to eat it even though her binky was in her mouth. It is interesting to see how different the kids are with certain thing. Even though actually Kaleb was the one that ripped the page but Zoe was the one that ended up with the piece of the ad.

Kaleb and the ?

Well the other night Kaleb got a hold of this he thought it was great.

What is this thing well huh. It has a hold here I wonder if my hand will fit. Well it will. I wonder if my head will yes I think it will. There it goes and now it fits on my neck this is fun. Let's see if it will stay there if I walk. Well for a second it did then it fell off. But it was fun to play with.

Kaleb and the disappearing sprinkler

Well I went outside to play with dad and I noticed this sprinkler. I love sprinklers so I jumped at the chance to play with it.

This one is neat because it moves. So I put out my hand to feel the mist from the sprinkler. I was able to move out of the way just in time.

Then all of a sudden the sprinkler disappeared. I looked at the grass for a minute hoping that it would reappear.

I even pointed at it hoping dad would help. But he didn't listen.

So I walked all the way over to dad and he told me it was gone. I went back to playing on the grass. But I was glad to have played with the sprinkler even it did disappear on me. I can't wait until it reappears again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kaleb and cookie cutters

Okay well my Grandma Kathy gave me some cookie cutters when we went down to visit them. This is the first time I got to try them out. I wasn't quite sure how they work. But it is fun to push them on the play dough and see the shapes it makes.

Well I need to flatten out the dough and then I can try making more shapes on the dough.

Okay mom i am done can I go now. Okay okay please mom can I go. Thank you and good bye.

Zoe sitting up?

I have been trying to sit up lately here are my attempts one day.
I am doing pretty well right here. I am holding on for dear life to this pillow.

Well a couple seconds later I lost my balance and fell backwards. But at least this soft pillows were there to catch me when I fell.

Okay lets try this crazy thing again. Okay I think I have it. I'm holding it this is great. I have it I really think I do. Wait, no. Falling falling falling

Oh, I guess I didn't have it. Well I'm going to lay here for a minute. I guess well try again here we go.

Well if I hold on to this pillow I think it is possible. I am holding on quite well don't you think.

I was even able to turn and look at the camera. I am so cute don't you think?

Well there goes that plan. Now I have fallen backwards again. Well back to the drawing board. Well thanks for watching maybe sometime in the near future I will get this thing down. Love ya Zoe