Wednesday, March 31, 2010

loves for the blessing girl

The kids giving kisses to their little sister.

Hailey's blessing

Here are some pictures of the kids on Hailey's blessing day.

All three kids looking.

funny picture.

Hailey so cute.

Crocheting with grandma and block building

While Grandma Dye was visiting here she worked on some crocheting. Zoe was interested in trying to do some also so I took some pictures except Zoe decided to hide.

Zoe hiding.

Grandma showing Zoe how to do a crochet stitch.

The kids found the joy of building towers. They had fun doing this and Zoe is making her tower. Kaleb's is the one with the truck on top. Not quite sure how it got it all to balance but he did.

cute Zoe Hair do

Well a couple of Sunday's ago I was able to do Zoe's hair with cute little clips in her hair but only for a minute before she started to tug them out. I was able to get a couple of pictures. I think it did look cute.

toy stroller

Well, the kids decided to push each other in the baby doll stroller. It was okay for a little but it won't hold Kaleb's weight very well.

Kaleb pushing Zoe.

Zoe still in for a ride.
Ta dah.

Zoe pushing Kaleb.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hailey one month old

Well I know I did post this picture earlier but it looks really cute cropped around just Hailey so I decided to post it again with the close up on Hailey.

More one month old pics.

Here are just a couple more pictures of the kids.
Hailey just looking cute.

I love this picture Kaleb and Zoe and watching the T.V. but Hailey is smiling and sticking her tongue out it is way cute.

Hailey one month old

Well a whole month has gone by since Hailey was born. Time flies sometimes. So today I took pictures of the kids and wanted to post them so here they are.

All three together. It became a battle who got to sit next to Hailey on the little blue chair so we moved to the couch.

I thought this was cute Kaleb smiling and Hailey looking in his general direction.

Hailey sticking her tongue out at Zoe.

A smile from Hailey not the best one but at least an actual picture of her smiling.

Monday, March 1, 2010

more pics of the kids

All the kids doing tummy time.

Grandma took this picture of Kaleb on the slide.

Kaleb and Daddy on daddy's bike.

My mom took this picture of the whole family. Every one is looking in the general direction. Well that is all for now Hailey is hungry.

Our New Addition

We have added to our family in February. We had a beautiful baby girl. We have named her Hailey Ann. She weighted 8 pounds and 10 ounces and 21 inches long. My water broke on the day that I was supposed to be induced. Hailey was born a little over two hours after my water broke. So she definitely was ready to come.

Kaleb and Zoe trying to help Hailey with her binkey.
Zoe holding Hailey. The kids fight over who can hold the baby.

The kids came to visit in the hospital. They are not to sure about the baby. They are still adjusting to the idea.

Hailey minutes after she was born.