Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas tree

Well we put up the Christmas tree. Which was fun. The kids played and Zoe helped some.Kaleb laying under the tree after everything was put up.
Taking a close up of some of the ornamentsThis is how Zoe helped she ate the ornaments.

Kaleb helped with putting the little Christmas balls on the tree.
He would hand them to dad to put them on the tree.
Here is a picture of Kaleb handing one to dad.

Look at our pretty Christmas tree.

Kids and the music book

Okay last week I had pulled out the primary songbook to see if Kaleb would like any of the songs. I had to get up and do something and Kaleb went over to it and started flipping through the pages and trying to sing it was the cutest thing. Then Zoe got involved when Kaleb got up to play with me and the camera. So she wanted to eat it. Then Kaleb saw that Zoe was getting the attention and he wanted some. So it was a fight for the attention.
Wow look at this really cool book. Okay lets try it out and I will sing as I turn the pages like what mom was doing.

Okay here she comes. If you can't tell that is Zoe's hand it is a blur trying to get the book.

I have it and now that I have made it clear over here what should I do.

I wonder what is inside?
Oh man, brother took it back.
Hey give it back I was playing with it.
Wow as you can see I won that is right. Zoe won the battle over the songbook.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Making pie

Well Friday was Jason's birth day so I made a pumpkin cheesecake for him. Kaleb had fun helping me. So on Saturday I needed to use up the rest of the pumpkin. So we made pumpkin pie. Kaleb helped with the mixer.Kaleb helping. I moved his hand back to the handle to help move it around.
Kaleb still holding on.

Okay mom now we put that stuff in this right.

Pouring the batter into the pie crusts.

Okay mom now I am posing for the camera.

Kaleb in the park

mom come on lets go to the swings.Wow whats this. Oh right swings.

Okay, mom yes I am on the swing. You don't need to take my picture.
Okay mom it's getting cold but I don't want to stop. So don't even think about taking me out of here.

Zoe's Balloon

Hi Everyone I found this awesome balloon and I couldn't hold in my excitement.
Okay now that I have pinned down this balloon now what should I do.

I wonder if I can fit it into my mouth.

Okay so ends the adventure of Zoe and her balloon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kids at play

Well something did happen for us nothing really big to any of you but to us it is exciting. Zoe finally got her third tooth after 2 and a half months since she got her second one. She has had a hard time with this one and we are glad that the tooth has finally found it's way into her mouth.Zoe and Kaleb playing with dad.
Kaleb if you can't tell is stealing Jason's watch.

Mom quit taking pictures is what Kaleb is saying.

Zoe being really cute under the chair. I know that I have put up pictures of Zoe doing this before but she is so cute when she does it.

Zoe looking up at the ceiling.

Zoe and her car seat

I had left the room and when I had come back Zoe had rolled and squirmed her way to the carseat.Zoe grabbing hold of the car seat.
Zoe getting a taste of the carseat.

Hi mom.
Wow what does this strap taste like. I don't know but it sure is fun to chew on.

Kaleb's big bowl

Well last week I decided to experiment with cereal and some strawberries, chocolate powder, peanut butter. I think it turned out really yummy. Kaleb had fun stirring the cereal and everything together.Kaleb trying to decide if he should eat it or not.

Kaleb taking a closer look.

Mom can I eat this?

Kaleb's taste of what is in front of him.

Kaleb putting up his hands saying he is done trying to stir.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zoe Seven Months Old

Zoe turned 7 months old yesterday. So I am very picture happy. Even though I didn't realize it until last night after bath time. So I took Pictures last night and this morning.

Zoe being cute this morning.

Zoe eating her pants.

Cute expression

Zoe eating herself. Happens often I think she is getting another tooth.

Too cute

Zoe eating her toys.

Zoe looking at something

Zoe getting ready to eat her toy. For sure she needs to stick her tongue out to do so.

Kaleb last night wanting to be involved. So he sat next to sister.

Kaleb covering up sister in the picture using his body.

Kaleb saying cheese for the picture.

Zoe chilling after her bath last night.
Zoe looking at the camera. So ends the many pictures of Zoe turning 7 months old.