Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthday Cake Time

When Daddy got home from work we got ready for cake. Zoe picked out her cake she picked strawberry and pink frosting. Can you tell that she likes pink.
Zoe and Kaleb waiting for Dad to bring over the cake.
Zoe excited to blow out the candles. She started practicing when dad got home from work.
Zoe blowing out her candle.
Zoe watching the smoke from the candle go up.
Zoe enjoying her cake. Everyone liked it but Kaleb no surprise there. At least he ate three little mouse bits.

Zoe's Birthday almost all week long

Our little girl Zoe turned 3 years old. I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast. She has been looking forward to her birthday since I told her that it was after Hailey's which was over 2 months ago. So the day finally came and we told her happy birthday just that made her so excited. We did get her some gifts but we ordered them online a little to late so they are coming later on this week. Daddy was so nice he came home and brought her flowers so fake ones and 3 paint by #'s. She was so excited daddy knows his little girl so well.
Here is Zoe dressed for the day. She picked out her clothes and we did her hair.
She wanted to show me her play key.
We got a package from Great Grandparents Anderson's. It was some sticker books and a coloring book to share with Kaleb.
She also got a birthday card from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Ed. She is tracing the # 3 . She got 4 dollars she gave them to mom for safe keeping. Later on this week we will take her to the store and she can get something she wants.

playing outside

So the weather lately has been a little nicer. So we have all gone outside and the kids have played in the sand and Kaleb on his bike.
Hailey has been introduced to the little slide. Also she is looking over at Kaleb.
Hailey smiling.
Kaleb liked going up the little steps that go around the pine tree. He is wearing his helmet because he had been riding on his bike.

Zoe was playing come catch me.

Zoe playing on the slide. She is almost to big for it.

The Big Race

So we made it to the Derby and our car was a little light so we glued some nails to the top to get it the right weight.
Our car is the one with nails and strips on it.

I know this picture is blurry but our car came in first.

Our car came in first twice I think that is pretty good. Since we didn't know what we were doing. The kids had fun. Kaleb likes his new car to play with.

Our pinewood derby car

Well this year for our ward because there isn't a lot of kids the pinewood derby age they said anyone could make a car and race it. So we decided to do so a couple days before the race. We tried Monday to buy one but they were closed. I went on Tuesday and they were out but they were getting more in the afternoon so we went back and we got one. Started on it Tuesday night and finished Wednesday and the kids painted it.
Here is the finished car.

Here it is half painted later we put strips down it and they wanted eyes and a smile so it could be like the Cars movie.

Here is Zoe painting she loved it she was so sad when I told her she needed to stop.

Hiking up the hill

So lately the older kids like to hike up the hill behind our house. Kaleb thinks we will find deer if we follow the deer droppings on the hill.This picture is where we made it the first time going up.

Kaleb turned around when I took this picture and smiled.
Here are the kids before we started up the hill they didn't want to stay still for the picture they wanted to go right then.