Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More pics from San Diego

I just thought this was a neat picture of the water
The tallest building is the hotel that we stayed in.

The pier if you look at the end you can see the houses that you could rent to stay in right on the pier.

A pier that we walked on

Jason at the end of the rope for a tug of war game.

Jason as he threw a ball for a dodgeball game

trip to San Diego

We were able to have Jason's mom watch the kids and Jason and I got to go to San Diego for his annual meeting for Carmedic. It was fun we got there Thursday and we got to go out and eat at a Chinese restaurant with Jason's uncle and with another guy in Carmedic. Friday Jason had meetings and then they had the guys do competitions and that was fun to watch. After that got done we got to go down by the beach and got some souvenirs and walked out on a pier. Then we went to the historic San Diego and had Mexican food and walked over to do a tour at the Mormon Battalion building it was pretty neat and fun. Saturday there was more meetings. They let them out early but they had to come back for the group picture then another break and Jason went to a workshop dealing with tools of the trade. Then when he got back we hung out for a little and got ready for the dinner. We got to have dinner on a boat it was pretty neat. It was nice to have a little break from the kids but it is nice to see them I missed them.
A turtle that was found by the bay.
They had several of these at the hotel for the ducks to swim in and there was coy and some goldfish swimming around.

One kind of duck with really neat colors that was there.

They also had parrots that they would bring out when it was warmer like 60 or so. So we got to see them out a couple times when we were there.