Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road map project

So I wanted to make something fun for the kids and some what something to remember things about where we are living. So I made a car road map.
Here are the pieces laid out to get an idea of what I wanted.

 Here is the other side.
 Here is Kaleb adding pieces to it from the first attempt that I made. So he can move those pieces around.
Almost the whole thing accept for the barn got chopped off. The kids had fun. There is an extra house on top of the road that Kaleb had moved around. Over all it took me about two days to make it. 4-25-2013

Zoe's birthday continued

Zoe got a birthday box from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Ed and a present from Grandma Robertson.
Zoe paused so I could take a picture.

 Zoe opened more.
 Zoe got this birthday card with princesses on it she was really excited about it.
 She got a carry around horse.

 Zoe showing me the horse.
Zoe really liked the shirt/dress I say that because it is long but not quite long enough for a dress. She loves that it sparkles. Grandma Robertson sent it for her. 4-05-2013

Zoe's 5th Birthday

Zoe is growing she is 5 she now old enough to go to kindergarten in the fall that doesn't seem possible. We got to do some fun things for her birthday. We blew up balloons for her to play with. We went to the library they happened to be doing a puppet show that day. I had gotten some little kits at the craft store so the kids got to paint those. Jason got home early the weather wasn't the greatest so she opened her presents. We went to McDonald's for dinner. Came home and had cake and ice cream.
Zoe all cute for her birthday.

Hailey wanted her picture taken.
Kaleb, Zoe, Hailey waiting for the puppet show to  begin in the fun new children's section in the library.
 Kaleb opening his wood train he got to paint.
 Zoe opening her little tea set to paint.
 Hailey trying to get the tea set to come out.
 Hailey and Zoe painting.
 Kaleb painting.
 Zoe's presents. It seems like a lot but I wrapped all the furniture for the doll set in like 3 or 4 boxes. Also there is a present from Grandma Dye. We also found this really cute bedding with horses on it and couldn't resist getting it for her birthday. She really like horse for a couple years now.
 Zoe got a purple blanket from Grandma Dye.
 Zoe opening doll furniture.
 Kids putting the furniture in.
 girls adjusting and playing.
What the doll house looked like all done for Zoe.
 Zoe and Hailey smiling for the camera.
 Zoe blowing out her candles.
 She was able to blow them all out.

 Zoe's birthday cake. 4-4-2013


I made some homemade play dough. This is what the kids made with it.
Kaleb made a person.

 Hailey tried to make a ball.
 Zoe made a worm with a blanket on top of it.
 Close up of Kaleb's person.
Close up of the worm and the blanket. 4-2-2013

James birthday continues

James got some birthday money from grandma Kathy and grandpa Ed so we went to the toy store and found him a fill and dump game with fish.
You can see the toy behind him. I just love the expression in this one.

 James playing with it and taking things out.
 James checking out the starfish.
Just a nice one of him. 3-23-2013

James' 1st Birthday

James is 1 years old. We didn't do a lot just cake and opening his presents.

 I like that he is looking off at something with a smile on his face. For some reason the flash went off in this picture.
 James smiling.
 Zoe was feeling left out so I took pictures of her.
 Hailey wanted her picture taken and she is rocking on her rock horse.
 James made it to the camera.
 James having a snack.
 James' birthday cake.
 Jason bringing over the cake.
 James was distracted by his siblings. Also they blew out the candle before James got a chance.
 Very timidly he touched the cupcake.
 knocked it to it's side.
 Then tipped it completely over.
 James next to his present. 
 The balls from the toy while daddy put it together.
 I like this picture it is like James is asking dad is okay that I touch it.
I think he likes his new toy from the look on his face. 3-21-2013