Friday, October 7, 2011

Kaleb is 5 years old

So our little boy isn't so little. He turned five this week. It's crazy to think that we have a 5 year old boy. So we made a brownie cake for him. Since he won't eat cake. We didn't celebrate until dad got home. We opened up his presents. He got some jammies and some fun things from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Ed the day before. We opened up his cars Lego's that we had gotten him. Dad helped put them together. Then we went to McDonald's for dinner so Kaleb could have french fries. We came home and had his brownie cake. He didn't want to eat the frosting.

Kaleb letting me take a picture before they busted open the boxes.

Daddy helping build.
Mater car he got that shots down targets.
Kaleb with the Mater toy. Waiting for his cake.

Kaleb's fifth birthday cake.
Zoe helped blow out the candles.

The candles all out after a couple tries.
The kids eating brownies and ice cream.
Kaleb got his present from Grandma Dye the next day. The kids surround the present.

What Kaleb got.

One of the things he built.

kids and a pretend nap on the floor

The kids decided to get pillows and blankets and play on the floor. So I took pictures because it was cute.

Hailey is sitting on her pillow and her blanket.

Zoe hugging her pillow.
Kaleb I am not sure where he picked it up but he is doing the peace sign.

Kaleb and Zoe laying down and Hailey sitting on her pillow eating her blanket.

A first for Hailey

I know this might sound funny. But because Hailey is a healthy girl she just doesn't fit in jean. But I finally got some that fit. The button didn't stay closed but I got them on her. So these pictures are the first ones that I have of Hailey wearing jeans.

Zoe wanted to be in the picture with Hailey. Kaleb is building in the back ground.
This is what Hailey does lately to me when I try to take her picture. She gets as close as she can to me and the camera. At least this one turned out.