Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kids playing on the futon

Kaleb kept hiding under the blankets and Zoe kept uncovering him for the pictures.

Kaleb found.

Zoe trying to find Kaleb in the big blanket.
Kaleb found.

Saturday evening Zoe and Jason were feeling sick. So they ended up stayed home from church on Sunday. Jason took these pictures of Zoe when she finally gave up and took a much needed nap on Sunday.

Another picture of Zoe sleeping.


More pictures of the kids.

Kaleb eating popcorn and chilling on the couch.

Zoe excited about going to bed.

Brushing Zoe's teeth.

Kaleb brushing his teeth.

Mom brushing Kaleb's teeth. He doesn't really care for it.

Kids playing

Kids jumping on to pillows and blankets from the couch.

Kaleb's feet off the grounds.

Another picture with Kaleb's feet off the ground.
Zoe smiling. She hasn't quite figured out how to jump yet but she keeps trying.

Another good jump from Kaleb.

Zoe smiling for the camera.

Pictures of the kids

Jason lately has been taking pictures of the kids just playing or doing things they do everyday. These are some of the pictures there are more I will post more.

Trying to get Kaleb to smile. So he made this face instead.

Laugh, smile.

Zoe playing with the little car.

Kids playing with the pillows.

Zoe trying to put on her socks by herself.