Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kaleb's new hiding spot

So my kids are getting taller and taller. Zoe was able to reach the second shelf. So I ended up taking it out. So now Kaleb can fit his entire body under the top shelf. He thinks it is great.

Kaleb sitting all the way down in the hole.

standing up.
tightly squeezed into the hole.

Kaleb sliding down.

Zoe and the car plus the window

Zoe is very proud of herself by getting up on the car and sitting. She also likes to push it around. She is also wearing an outfit her Grandma Betts sent for her birthday and it looks really cute on her.

Zoe on the car figuring out where to put her legs.
Zoe with both of her legs on the car.

Zoe smiling and playing with the sliding door.
Zoe looking at the camera.
Zoe seeing her reflection in the window.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The discovery of a cupboard

Well here is the story Zoe is getting braver and going into, on, or through things she normally wouldn't try. Especially since Kaleb tries to boss her around. But she discovered the cupboard and she loves to crawl into it and Kaleb either gets mad and runs off crying or he joins the fun.
The unsuspecting cupboard closed and no kids around or is there more to the picture than what it seems.

All of a sudden the door opens to reveal children inside and saying surprise.

Zoe was the first suspect of going into the unknown cupboard.

She shows no fear. As she waves to the camera.

Her brother decides to join the adventure.

So then they do the unthinkable they close the cupboard doors. The story starts over from the top. So ends the discovery of the cupboard.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kaleb and the blocks in the window

Kaleb discovered that these blocks that he has will fit in the window sill. So he started stacking them into it and he thought it was pretty neat.

Kaleb picking up the next block for his tower.
Kaleb mid stack.
Kaleb sitting next to the tower.

The blocks are now all by themselves and Kaleb has moved onto something else to play with.

Kaleb and the playdough

Well I was trying to make some play dough or some clay stuff. The clay recipe asks for a lot of dry ingredients and very little liquid. But I tried it and it didn't really do anything. So I fiddled with it and it still was really weird so I made play dough it didn't really add up either but I was able to make it into something Kaleb can play with. So here are some pictures of Kaleb playing with it. He know loves to ask to play with it.
Here is Kaleb when I first gave him the play dough.
He is getting a feel for it.

He decided to try to make some holes with his fingers.
Rolling the dough is quite fun also.

See all the pretty holes in the dough.

Here is a close up of his beautiful artwork.

Kaleb saying cheese for the camera.

Kaleb then decided to pull pieces off of the dough and make a whole new pile all by himself.
Yeah , Kaleb was able to transfer all the dough into his new creation all by himself.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

captured kids in pictures

Here are some pictures of the kids captured in some cute ways.

Zoe after her meal and giving the cutest grin.
Kaleb actually looking at the camera.

Kaleb going down the slide.

Jason took this picture of Kaleb when he fell asleep after fighting a nap.

We went on a drive and we saw a handful of deer just right next to the road. It is hard to see them but if you look close there are 2 deer. In some of the other picture there are 3 but it is hard to see this was the best one.

Zoe in her favorite place to crawl into other than going up the stairs.

Zoe giving a big grin.

awesome expression

aww Kaleb and the stickers.

Zoe lately likes to carry things in her mouth. Here is a picture of her doing so.

I hope that you can enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zoe 11 months old

Our little girl is growing up so fast she is almost a year old and I can't believe it. She is crawling and she is standing up next to furniture and she is somewhat trying to move. She is getting to be a pro going up the stairs down is another matter. She is a happy little girl for the most part. I am surprised she is trying to throw tantrums and she isn't a year old. But we love her tons.Zoe smiling at a her toy.
Zoe's hair doing what it does every day which is stick up.

crawling on the little blue chair.

Zoe looking out side.

Zoe smiling a little.
I hope you will be able to enjoy the picture of Zoe.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Feets Accomplished

Well Zoe is crawling and this passed week has discovered how to stand herself up next to things. She has also started trying to go up the stairs. She has been successful but the down part worries us. We ended up putting up the gate because before we knew it she would be halfway up to the landing and if she falls it would not be pretty. So we let her go up when we can watch her. But Kaleb and Zoe are not happy to be penned down or up depending on where we are. Kaleb lately is being a copy cat and will repeat words when we ask him can you say this and he most of the time will say it but he doesn't know what it is. He will repeat the colors: red, blue, purple etc. He will say sky and raining. Because that is what it has done the passed couple of days. He will say temple and church and so forth. But it is getting hard to keep track of the words because he can say so many in one day.

The kids pulling on the gate trying to get upstairs.

still pulling

Kaleb trying it by himself to make the gate come down.

Kaleb looking up at me like let me up there. Also I will turn on the light for you.

Zoe's Mohawk. Here hair is so floaty and it never stays down. But I think it is cute and she can get away with it because she is a baby.

trying on a boa, not really but it does look cute on her.

in the back ground you can see Jason taking a nap. It was Saturday and he was tired.

trying to take picture of the kids is frustrating because the kids do not sit still and will move and all sorts of things but some turn out of the hundreds we take. This one isn't the best but they are both happy and smiling. Even though Kaleb is blurry because he moved.

Kaleb found some stickers that Jason had with some of his missionary things. So Kaleb will get them and take off every sticker and put it on himself. Practically all on the same spot.

This picture I think is neat of Kaleb looking out the window.

Zoe one of the first time she stood herself up. I kind of tricked her to stand by putting such interesting things in front of her but it did work.

More standing