Friday, December 18, 2009

random pictures.

Lately Zoe like to sit in the little blue chair like this I think it is cute.
Kaleb wanted me to take a picture of his blocks in front of him. He has hid one of this toy trains in the blocks.

This is a picture of the first actual snow that we got which was about 5 inches Monday night and Tuesday morning. Which most of it now has melted because it has warmed up. We are also suppose to get rain this weekend which will melt the rest of it.

Making a gingerbread choo choo train

So this year we decided to go with a gingerbread train because Kaleb is very interested in trains. He definitely enjoyed it a lot more this year and seemed to understand also.

Here is Kaleb and dad working on the train.

Zoe still eating dinner and wouldn't let me get a picture of her face without the cup.

The finished train. That Kaleb and dad did.

Kaleb sitting on mom's lap to put on the candy. It didn't last long because he wanted to sit on the chair by himself.

This was toward the beginning of the decorations. It turned out being a fun f.h.e. and we also rented a Thomas the train movie so it somewhat had a theme.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More cute pics

Zoe with her hair in pig tails for a minute.
My mom sent some cute felt characters to us that she found at the D.I. Zoe likes to play with them. Zoe actually looked at me in this picture but wasn't to happy about the idea of a picture she wanted to play.

More pics of the kids

Zoe found a new seat.
Kaleb found a box to sit in.

Kids watching it snow just barely.

Zoe playing with a book that we got while in Utah. It is a thread through the holes book. Zoe was more interested in the strings.

Zoe and Mackenzie going up a hill.

More pics of trip to Utah

Kaleb riding with dad on a four wheeler.

Zoe riding with daddy.
Daddy and Zoe taking a nap.

Kaleb chasing the cat trying to find him.

Capture of the cat.