Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FHE pumpkin carving

Well we decided to carve pumpkins this year. This is the first time we have done such a thing as a family. Kaleb towards the beginning was quite interested until he found out he could play with all the things that dad was. Also he wasn't to interested in the scooping out the pumpkins. Zoe got a little fussy. Jason ended up carving both pumpkins. But I think that it was over all a fun time for all.

Here is Kaleb trying to lend a hand to dad. Jason was carving the top off at this point.

Kaleb not to happy and not wanting to help put by putting the scooped out parts into the bowl so he is a little upset.

This isn't the best picture in the world. But the look on Kaleb's face is priceless.

Here are our two pumpkins finished and all lit up.

I think this picture that Jason took is quite neat.
So ends the first pumpkin carving as a family. Hopefully next year Kaleb will like it a little better. But he did like blowing out the candles several times. Since his birthday he gets excited when he sees a candle let and tries to blow it out.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kaleb boxes and popcorn

Kaleb loves to play with boxes. Especially if he can crawl inside. So this is what he did.

Just another angle of Kaleb. He wouldn't look up at me.

Another pass time that Kaleb loves is popcorn. Or what Kaleb calls it is pop pop. When he hears us put the bag into the microwave. Kaleb comes running especially if he can hear the popcorn start popping. In this picture he has my glass of water. Which I had to ask to get a drink out of. When Kaleb finished off the popcorn. He decided to throw in the ones that didn't pop into the glass of water. yummy yummy.

Kaleb found this diaper box. He crawled right in. I was surprised that he could fit. He looks a little silly.

Okay mom I am done now give me the camera.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well also last week we tried finger paint for Kaleb that was just water and flour and we dyed it green. But he wasn't to interested. Also this week I got my hair cut. I didn't get it really short or anything. It had been about a year and a half since the last time I got my hair cut. So I thought it was about time. So I just got the dead ends cut off and got layers. Also I decide to try to make a easy quilt. It is a denim quilt. I want to add some other fabric to it but I haven't figured that out yet. But I have cut up old jeans that needed to either be thrown away or used in another way. So Jason suggested making a denim quilt and now I am in the middle trying to figure out the best course of action. Also yesterday we were driving home from going to the store. A bus stopped at a stop light next to us. Kaleb kept pointing at it. So Jason said bus. Then Kaleb said bu back then about the third time he added the s. So it is neat how fast little kids can pick up words. Well that is about it and I will update next week unless something really neat happens and I just can't wait to update.

Catch me if you can Zoe

Okay a couple of days ago I decided to play a game with my sister called catch me if you can Zoe. It is a game that Zoe can't really win but it is sure fun for me.

Then I noticed mom taking picture. Mom come on I am trying to play with Zoe. Also I have found a way to play with her and everyone wins.

Okay Zoe lets start again. I will get really close to you and you need to try to grab me and then we start all over again.

Hey Kaleb no fair you are to far away and I can't even touch you. Oh well, I will just eat the arm of the high chair instead.

Sleepy oh so very sleepy

I was getting Kaleb his breakfast and I had put Zoe up in the high chair. I intended to feed her some cereal. But by the time I had gotten Kaleb going my little girl had fallen asleep.

Then Zoe wasn't able to hold her head up any more because she was asleep.

So I pulled out the camera to take pictures of Zoe because she had fallen asleep in the high chair. Kaleb kept saying cheese trying to get me to take some pictures of him. So I did and he is smiling so cute.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FHE Lake Wenatchee continued

Here are some pictures that Jason took of the lake that I think are quite pretty.

This picture is of some deer that we saw on the drive home. It's not the best picture in the world but it was neat to see some deer. As long as they stay on the side of the road.

FHE at Lake Wenatchee

Well yesterday Jason got done with work early. So we decided to go for a drive and see the leaves changing. So we ended up driving up to Lake Wenatchee. Which was really pretty. The only problem was it was quite windy. So I stayed in the car and feed Zoe. Because it was a little to cold and windy for her. Plus that she was hungry. So Jason and Kaleb went and wondered around and these are some of the cute pictures Jason took of Kaleb.

Kaleb rolling his eyes at Jason.

Kaleb down by the water. I think this is a neat picture.
Kaleb trying to climb up rocks without using his hands. Which didn't work very well.
Kaleb on top of a big rock. He wasn't sure what to do.
Kaleb trying to climb over a log.
The failed attempt of climbing over the log.
Kaleb standing in front of a log that had fallen over and it is almost twice Kaleb's size.
Kaleb telling dad come on enough pictures already.
Okay Kaleb was done with any thought of pictures in this one.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hi I like to update my blog on Mondays so it seems like there is tons but it is just the pictures from the week. So again there is 7 new blog pages. Enjoy.

Unhappy little boy? part two

Here is Kaleb after getting his hair cut. Also after getting a bath.

Kaleb smiling for the camera.

Kaleb eating his sucker for being a good boy for getting his hair cut. Also all of the sudden he started saying cheese when I took his picture.

Kaleb and the end of his sucker.

Unhappy boy

Okay I know that something is up. Mom and Dad what are you doing?

Dad why must you cut my hair. I know that it is getting long in the back and there is hair growing over my ears what is the big deal?

Okay I definitely don't like this one bit.

This is so traumatic. Why must we ever cut my hair?

Okay am I done please I want to get down now.

There is more to this story and I will add the part two to this story.

Zoe's first game of peek a boo

Well yesterday I was getting a blanket off the coach it happened to go over Zoe's head she thought it was funny so we started playing peek a boo. I know the picture isn't the greatest but she was being so cute about the whole thing.

Zoe and the tools

Well also on Thursday Zoe discovered her older brothers play tools and in this picture the expression on her face is priceless.

Okay what is this thing?

Well lets see I can pick it up.

Okay know I need to make sure it has a good flavor.

Okay maybe I will put this down

Just kidding it is to neat to put down.

Going to the park

Well on Thursday we went to the park and meet some people in our ward. This was Kaleb's first outfit. Then I decided it might be to cool so I put a warmer outfit onto him.

This is what Zoe wore. I think she looks adorable

Also this is one of Zoe's favorite pass times no matter how many toys she has or if she is sucking on her binky she will spit it out and suck and chew on her fingers.

The run camera chase

Well last week I was trying to get a picture of Kaleb in his new outfit that he got for his birthday from his grandma Dye. The only problem is that Kaleb lately runs away from the camera. I practically have to hold him down or totally distract him if I want to get a picture. This picture probably took me 15 minutes from chasing him around the front room and it still isn't the greatest picture in the world.

Well this is my point of you. Kaleb vision if you will. I was minding my own business then mom pulled out the camera. I definitely wasn't in the mood. I hid and didn't look at mom directly. But she waited until I tripped and fell and then she captured a picture of me. But if you look at the picture. I am practically rolling my eyes at mom. But I do love mom even if she is picture happy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blog happy

Hi well just to let you know if you look at my blog today. I added 7 yes that is right 7 new blog pages. It has been an eventful week last week. Well check them all out and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Zoe's first food

Okay daddy put me up in the high chair that isn't a new things. But then mom put a bib on me I think that is what it is called. Then dad came at me with this weird object with some weird things on it. I opened my mouth willingly the first time.

Well mom what is going on please help me.

Okay dad I will give it another shot.

Okay the texture, wait what is texture I don't know.

Dad I am not sure about this but I am willing to keep trying. Okay over all my first impression of cereal it's not to bad but I am not sure about this whole idea of eating off a spoon.