Tuesday, June 16, 2009

update and balloons

Well I was a slacker last week and I really didn't take any pictures. I do have pictures from when Jason's mom came and visited. So that is what I am posting.Kaleb had found a balloon that was going to die because it had a hole in it and put it into his car and sat on it and the air came out. He tried to do so with a balloon that was fully inflated and do the same thing. It didn't really work.

Kaleb lifting up the car trying to get the balloon out.

Zoe playing with a phone.

Zoe playing with a balloon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The inside of the tent

So here is the inside of the tent. Just as we walked in.

Jason and I unzipping some of the tent.

The kids checking out the tent.

Zoe by daddy.
So it really didn't get used while it was up. Jason and I tried sleeping in it on Friday night and it was just to windy. We gave up at about 2 a.m. and came inside. I am excited to go camping. Hopefully we will get to do so soon.
Well I have more pictures from there visit but I ran out of time. So I will try to post them next week.

setting up the tent

We decided to put up the new tent on Friday. It was quite a big event for the kids to see it go up.
Zoe showing off for grandma.

Jason putting up the tent.

More of the tent.

Zoe sitting with grandma and clapping her hands.

Jason with the big reveal.

Going to the park

The second day they were here we went to the park for a little bit. It was quite hot so we didn't stay very long. The kids did enjoy swinging.Zoe swinging.

Kaleb swinging.

After the baseball game

After they got done playing the baseball then it was time to play with the slide.Shay handing Zoe a ball just so she could throw it back on the ground. That is a big game for Zoe.

Kaleb giving grandma a big hug.
Zoe climbing up to get to the slide.

So ends the first day of their visit here.

Batter Up

This last week we had the opportunity to have Grandma Dye come and visit for several days and also our niece Shay came up. Grandma brought a present for Kaleb. It was a bat and a ball. So we went outside and she tried showing him how to swing and hit the ball. He did fairly well for a kid his age. The he got tired of it. But he did have fun.

Grandma showing Kaleb the basics of hitting.

Kaleb hit the ball a little ways. You can see the little white half circle at the bottom of the picture.

Kaleb after he was done.

Kaleb asked grandma to swing him in the air. Which is something Kaleb loves to do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fighting nap time and coloring

Sunday we came home from church fed the kids and put them down for naps. But the kids didn't think they should take naps. They fought it for hours. So finally I took them downstairs and put a movie in. I fell asleep when I woke up the kids well you can see what happened in the pictures.

Kaleb sleeping

Zoe sleeping.

Well Kaleb likes to color and I let him a lot but this time it ended in disaster. Kaleb covered in pen on his legs. You have to look close but it is a blue pen. Kaleb thought it was fun when he did it but when I scrubbed him down to get it off he didn't appreciate it.