Saturday, November 26, 2011

Race cars and Ramps

So Jason yesterday put new batteries in the remote control car and made a ramp for the car to jump. Kaleb loved it. The only trick was getting it to hit the ramp just right.

This time it hit just right and off it went.

Hailey got a hold of the controller as Kaleb is bringing the car back for another run.

This time the car went a little to far to the one side and just got stuck.

Thanksgiving weekend

So on Friday Jason and I went and did some Christmas shopping. When we got back we loaded everyone up and went to the park. We didn't stay long since it was cold and the wind started to pick up.
Grandma and the kids. Hailey would look at me for anything.

Hailey going down the slide.

Zoe on the slide. Right before I took the picture her hair was standing on end from the static from the slide.

Kaleb on the swing next to his sisters.

Hailey and Zoe swinging with the help from dad.

Kaleb went to the slide first off he likes the slide.

The first thing that Zoe and Hailey wanted to do was to swing.

Here is a picture of Hailey and Zoe holding hands to walk back to the car. I think it is cute that Zoe likes to hold Hailey's hand and help her when she can.

Thanksgiving continues

So on Thanksgiving we did several things. Grandma Played put the rice socks into a container. Hailey really had fun doing that.

Kaleb and Zoe played with the checkers. They still don't quite have the patience to put one in at a time and take turns.

Jason was awesome and washed dishes after we actually ate thanksgiving dinner. Which I appreciated a lot.

The pictures are little out of order. Here is Zoe helping dad put the turkey in. She kept putting her flower right in front of her face.

Grandma played Monopoly with Kaleb. They are sitting so close since Grandma has a hard time seeing the little words on the screen. So Kaleb wanted to sit up next to her.

Thanksgiving 2011

So this year we were blessed to have Jason's mom come and visit us during Thanksgiving. We put up the Christmas tree before she got here but we waited to decorate it until she was here.

Grandma Helping Kaleb put the ornament on the tree

Jason. Grandma. and Kaleb putting ornaments on.

Hailey helping Grandma and holding a play flower.

Kaleb helping Grandma and Hailey trying to hand an ornament to them. Zoe didn't last long helping with the tree but she thinks it is pretty. The only challenge this year is getting Hailey to leave the ornaments on the tree. Every time we turn our backs for a second she has one and is running down the hall to hide it somewhere.

Snow and Lights

So last Saturday Jason wanted to put up the Christmas lights. The kids wanted to play in the little bit of snow that we had. So here is a pictures of Jason working on putting up the lights.

Zoe, Kaleb, and Hailey all dressed and ready to play in the snow.

Here is the best smiles that I could get from the kids they wanted to play not hold still for a picture.

Kaleb and Hailey.

Zoe going up a little hill.
Also this weekend we were able to trade in the durango and get a Yukon. The Yukon turns out to be 6 inches wider so that will help out when there are 4 car seats to fit into the car.

First snow of 2011

So a couple of days after Jason's birthday we finally got our first snow of the year. It was the middle of November. The kids were excited they asked if they could make a snowman now. Which we didn't get enough snow for that and it melted.

Jason's 30th birthday

Well Jason turned 30 in November. So for his birthday we went out on Saturday for a date and we out to dinner and he wanted sushi. After that we went to a couple stores and looked at ideas for Christmas for the kids. We went to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream.
On his actual birthday Zoe helped me make a cheesecake. She was excited for dad to come home and see it also so she could eat some.
Here is the cake

Here is Jason's, Hailey's, Zoe's and part of Kaleb's head to help blow out the candles.

Jason enjoying his birthday cake.

ultrasound pictures

I was able to get my computer to work with me today so here are the pictures.

This one is showing it is a boy
The baby's face and body

Baby's little foot

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back track a couple weeks

So at the end of October we had an ultrasound and found out we are having a baby boy in March the downside is my computer isn't working with me so I can put the pictures on the computer. As soon as I figure it out I will put them up.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


So we went to friends home and they gave kids bubbles on Halloween. So we went outside for a minute to try to blow some.

Kaleb and Hailey

Zoe getting ready to blow bubbles

Kaleb and Hailey

3 more pumpkins

We had more pumpkins so Halloween we colored and put stickers on them. Zoe had a hard time getting the markets to color on the pumpkin and the stickers but they had fun.

This is Kaleb's pumpkin with stickers and coloring.

Because Zoe's pumpkin would play nicely we put stickers onto a piece of paper.

This is Hailey's pumpkin with help from mom. She picked out the stickers I helped put them on.

All three of them working on their pumpkins and having fun.

Zoe coloring intently even thought it didn't work out. She had fun.

Carving the pumpkins

So the day before Halloween we got our pumpkins carved. Well at least two of the six pumpkins that we grew. Jason was awesome about getting them all ready. He asked Zoe what she wanted she wanted a happy face. He asked Kaleb and he wanted a mean or scary face. So for some reason I didn't get a picture of the happy one but I did the other one.

Jason carving it out. Also on the counter there is a container with a red lid. We had 6 to 8 lady bugs living in it for about a week and a half until the leaf we put in it started to go moldy but Zoe loved the things until the end.

The scary pumpkin for Kaleb.

Hailey up helping dad. She would stick her hand into the guts and then smell her fingers. She was quite excited to stand up by dad.

Zoe helping dad.

Halloween 2011

Our cute kids all dressed up for the trunk or treat at the church. When we picked out the outfits Kaleb wanted the swat one because it had all sorts on pockets and things in them. Zoe for the passed two years has been a witch and she wanted to continue to be a witch. When we first got it for her she said she was an evil witch but by Halloween she said she was a good witch. Hailey we picked her cheerleader outfit because it would fit her also it had long sleeves.

Musical furniture the after pictures

So after 2 or so hours Jason had the bed up and we moved some furniture around in the kids rooms. This is what this room ended up looking like.

The book case moved and we moved a different dresser into the room.

I put the books into the closet where some blankets used to live.

The toy box was moved into the closet.
The bunk bed all finished and the crib right next to it. So the crib will stay there until the new baby we are going to have is big enough to sleep in a real bed.