Monday, January 26, 2009

The impossible picture and a project

Okay all of a sudden Kaleb is hitting a phase where he doesn't like people taking pictures of him. He does get excited when he sees the camera. But only because he wants to play with it. For several days now I have been trying to get a picture the shows Kaleb's personality. Well I decided to show how hard and how many pictures well at least some of them . So enjoy. Also I put the ones that look half way decent first. At the end there are some of Kaleb doing a project of writing on tin foil. He liked it. Except toward the end he just kept tearing the foil so then he decided to make it into a ball.

Kaleb playing with his sister's pig. These pictures are half way decent.

This picture Jason took of Kaleb trying to help me. At least Kaleb is looking at the camera. But it isn't the greatest picture of him.

Quick mom take a picture before I hide behind the door. This picture is cute it is a little fuzzy but that is okay.

Okay Kaleb kept pushing my buttons he would hide behind the door and say cheese. Then when he would pop his head out it would be only for a second and this picture barely caught him before he went back into hiding.

This picture on the other hand only caught Kaleb's hand and a sliver of his head.

This one of him is playing peek a boo you can't catch a picture of me.

trying to take a picture of the kids together Kaleb didn't want anything to do with it. But this one is the best Zoe is smiling and Kaleb has a little grin on his face.

Kaleb mad about the pictures Zoe trying to grab him and that wasn't helping.

Mom I am going to slid down into the chair so you can't take a picture of me.

This picture is totally Zoe attitude. She is normally so happy and I am glad the kids are feeling better from their colds. They are still coughing some but other than that they are doing well.

Extreme close up of Kaleb's face. There is a little smile if you look closely.

Kaleb wearing Jason's bronze metals he got from the carmedic olympics.

Okay here is our project pictures Kaleb. Was looking at me still trying to figure out the idea.

Kaleb saying cheese and tilting his head but not looking at me.

This picture is to cute for words.

This is a picture of what Kaleb is working on.

So ends the long line of pictures of Kaleb and we did finally capture a picture of two that are not half way bad. I hope that you all will be able to enjoy them.

Zoe growing by leaps and bounds

Zoe's accomplishments this passed week. She is army crawling places. Not tons but she is doing more each day. She is also pulling herself up to the couch which is new for her to reach for something higher than herself. She also has gained another tooth. She now has 9 teeth in her mouth. She has also figured out how to sit herself back up from laying down. She is getting really good at it. She even figured out how to sit herself up in her crib today.

Zoe in the middle of an army crawl.

Zoe just being cute looking at a piece of paper trying to decide if she should eat it yet.

picture of her pulling herself up to the couch. She is only able to pull up to her knees.
part of the army crawl. She does it in slow motion a lot of the time.
These picture are of Zoe pulling down a block tower.
Zoe checking out the tower. I don't know why mom is taking pictures of me.
Okay I think it is safe I will pull one of the blocks off very carefully.
Okay that is done. Well that was pretty easy lets see if I can do it again.

Alright this is easy. Well here goes for three without knocking over the tower.
Okay that didn't work the way I wanted it to.

Oh man I lost the touch every time I go for one more I get three in return.

Okay forget that plan I am going for all of them and make the whole thing fall down.

Okay my task has been accomplished. So end the tower and Zoe is quite proud of herself.

belated 9 month old pictures

Well our little girl is growing and growing. I thought I should get these up before she is 10 months old. It has been a little crazy lately.

Zoe being so cute on grandma's lap.
This is an okay picture of Kaleb and Zoe is so happy about the picture and Kaleb not so much.

Zoe sucking on finger happens a lot. Thank you mom for holding the kids while I took pictures.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Extended Christmas 2

Here are some more pictures. Sorry there isn't captions with these or the other ones. Kids aren't taking their naps so it makes it hard. But enjoy the pictures.I like this one of Zoe and her Great grandpa Anderson.

Extended Christmas

I know I have been a slacker we have been out of town for almost 2 weeks and then we are still trying to get things put away. But here are some pictures from our visit to Utah and Idaho.