Thursday, August 27, 2009

pictures since we got home and one from Idaho

We picked corn from our garden and daddy showed Kaleb how to shuck the corn.
This is Kaleb's finished product.
Dad giving Kaleb another one to do.

Kaleb working on it. He was trying to get it off from the bottom up which didn't quite work. Then he got some help to turn it around.

This picture I had to put one up Jen took it and it is so cute. Jason and two of his brothers with there little ones on their shoulders. There is another one where Zoe put Jason's hat on his face. That is why Zoe is looking down trying to see where dad's hat has gone.

Zoe will crawl up on the couch when I get up and take the blanket I have and find the remote and then she is set she has full control of the TV and she has a nice warm spot to sit. The only problem is she doesn't like to give back the remote once she finds it.

More water fun

Here are some more pictures.

Joshua going down the slide.

Aunt Jen and Emma, Mickey, and Max. There aren't really looking at the camera but that is okay.

Zoe sitting on a cooler.

Kaleb getting a drink.

Then Joshua taking a turn.

More photos of the slide

Here are some more pictures of the kids

Zoe playing with the water with dad watching in the back ground.
Joshua and Kaleb drinking the water.

Kaleb at the end of his only ride down the slide.

Dad getting him set up for his ride.

Kaleb pushing on the side to make the water go higher.

kids in the water trip while in Idaho

On Sunday I think we pulled out the slip n slide because our plans of going to the water park were rained out the day before.So here are some of the pictures there will be more posted.

Max drinking the water that is spraying up.
Max drinking the water off his hand.
Zoe right in the path of the person sliding down and she isn't sure what to do.

Zoe and Kaleb playing in the pool at the end of the slide.

Zoe getting Kaleb's shoes wet when he isn't looking.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Even more pictures

Well I have even more pictures I want to put up but the kids are awake and attacking the computer so I will have to finish later.
Zoe looking cute.
Kaleb and his cousin Joshua and Emma watching a movie waiting to go on the slip n slide.

Kaleb figuring out how to work the fishing pole that extends.

Mickey standing up holding on to nothing for a second.

Zoe sitting so cute in the little wooden chair.

More pictures

Here are more pictures around the campfire. It was a little cold as the sun was going down so the kids are wearing jackets.
Dad helping to hold them on the rock. Kaleb had his little lantern on so it is shining in Zoe's face.
Kaleb holding Zoe on the rock. The only bad thing is it pulled her jacket up to her chin and you can't see her face

Zoe trying to get up on the rock with brother. Her arms open wide in the fashion she does to get picked up.

Both kids helping dad to keep the fire going.

Zoe and Max watching the fire and a little kid int he background looks like they are touching the fire. I can't quite tell who it is I think it is Joshua.

The campfire

Here is the fire that Jason built.

Kaleb helping daddy.

Zoe by the fire.
before the fire started.

getting some smoke.

Kaleb and Zoe sitting eating goldfish.

Picture catch up 3

The story of the popcorn. Every night Kaleb asks for popcorn he only gets it every once in a while. So This night Jason took him into the kitchen. Kaleb knows where the popcorn lives and dad will lift him up so he can grab one. He then sits by the microwave opens it and closes it. He then gets to hit the popcorn button. He then watches with anticipation as it spins around. He hears the first pops of popcorn and he gets even more excited. Then it is done and Kaleb is finally able to eat some popcorn after a grand total of maybe 3 minutes.

The pictures are not in order sorry. This one is the last one.

This one is Kaleb putting the popcorn into the microwave.

Kaleb pointing at the popcorn.

Kaleb putting the water into the pool.

Zoe big grin.

picture catch up 2

Lately it is easier to get good pictures of Zoe than Kaleb. Which most of these pictures are picked out of I don't know how many. Here are some more pictures of the kids.
Zoe smiling while playing with the water.

Hands up Zoe.

Kaleb smiling in the back ground.

Kaleb going down the slide.

picture catch up

Well this set is more of little Zoe.

Zoe playing in the pool with big brother Kaleb.

Zoe playing with the water hose.
Zoe in the pool before we even started putting the water in.

Zoe wearing a back pack.

Zoe wearing a hat and the back pack. She went through a phase of wanting to wear hats.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

update with words

Well I am going to just type somethings today. I will post pictures when we get back from visiting Jason's family.
We are excited at the end of this week we get to go and visit with Jason's family. We also get to go camping as a family for the first time. Hoping all will go well with two little kids.
We were able to get a new car we get an 06 Dodge Durango. I still need to take some pictures of it. We are very excited to have a better car for our family. Zoe is cute she like to put on a hat that I crocheted and walk around with it on and she is quite proud of it. Kaleb is picking up on everything. He is very smart more than half the time he can watch you do something once or twice and he has it down and knows how to do it. The kids are hitting a fun stage dealing with they are starting to play more together as long as it is a mutual thing. If it isn't it doesn't go well. We also got a little blow up pool for the kids. The temperature the passed week or longer have been in the hundreds. So it is hard to want to go outside or take the kids anywhere with it being so hot. So Jason came home Friday from work and said lets do it lets get the kids a pool. The kids like playing with the water. It came with a blow up slide but the kids couldn't get up it. So we put the play slide the kids have in the pool and it works quite well. It also had a arch the would squirt water. Jason hooked up the hose the thing pushed the water all the way to the end of the pool and hit Zoe and she was very upset and scared. So we unhooked it from the hose and then the kids had fun. I took them out yesterday to play and they had fun. Jason had made the holes bigger so it would shoot so far and the kids enjoyed it a whole lot better. The only down fall with the weather it is suppose to go down to the 80's this weekend. I hope it will be somewhat cool in Idaho. If not it will be like we are chasing the heat. At least Jason won't have to work outside in it. Well there is somewhat of a catch up with out pictures and it is a little long. I will post some pictures next week.