Monday, October 14, 2013

Garettson South Dakota

  So we went for a drive and ended up in a town close to Brandon. They had this park that was called Devils Gulch. It was were Jesse James jumped over the gulch to escape the law. So we thought we would check it out and it was free so can't beat that. It turned out to be really neat and fun to check out the trails.
It leeds down to the water below.

Here is where he supposeable jumped across at.

Now the kids have made it down to the water and threw rocks into it. When I researched about the place they have had people dive into the water and try to see how deep it goes and they are not sure how far it goes down still. A little scary.

More rock throwing.

 Looking at the rocks around the water.
 Kaleb and the landscape.
 Jason holding James.
 Hailey and Zoe
 Kaleb and Hailey
 More of the rocks. I like this picture.
Hailey going up the stairs.
 Walking through the trails
 More trails
 Jason and the kids
 More of the rocks and water.
 Running through the trails.
Sitting on the grass after walking around. James was done. August 17,2013

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