Monday, October 14, 2013

More Catch Up

Kids playing at the KOA in Sioux Falls Sd. We stayed there for a couple days til we moved into our apartment.
Zoe crawling up the tractor tires.

Kaleb riding the rocking horse.

Zoe got to the top of the tires.

James in the swing.

 Here are some pictures of the kids in our new places.
 Zoe and Hailey. Zoe is showing me a doll and a purple teddy bear.
Kaleb playing on the play ground at his elementary school.

 Zoe showing me her Yellowy( teddy bear) and Eliza(dolls name).
Zoe loaded her stuffed animals on her bike and she is actually sitting on one of them.

Zoe showing me her horse wearing doll clothes.

Hailey( I think it is from Burley)

The kids playing out front by the apartments being built.

James playing out back with a ball from the neighbors.

Out by the road. James crawled out to watch Zoe and Kaleb ride their bikes on the road.

Three of the kids riding on the tractor in the store. It is one of the kids favorite things to do when we go shopping there.

The back of Zoe's hair for church.

 Behind the house the lawn slops down and when there is rain it pools at the bottom and makes a muddy mess. Zoe thought it would be fun to get muddy head to toe. August- September 2013

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