Sunday, October 13, 2013

Reunion in Burley

 So we were able to go to Burley and visit Jason's family and grandparents Anderson. It was a lot of fun.
Hailey wearing her hat she loves.

Hailey sitting with Great Grandpa Anderson.

He tried on her hat she wasn't sure what to think.

Kids playing with Grandma Dye.
The kids waiting to start some games.

Grandma Anderson telling us about her childhood and how she met Grandpa Anderson.

James looked at me when I took a picture.

James smiled at me this time.

 Family listening to Grandma Anderson's story.
When she got to the part about Grandpa he came and told his side of the story it was fun.

When ever I take pictures James has to come and attack the camera.

Kaleb and he is wearing his necklace they made as a craft with the kids.

Hailey lately likes to find sticks and play with them.
July 3-July 7,2013

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