Monday, October 14, 2013

Mchardy Park and the library

They had a big thing at the park to raise money with people buying plastic ducks. So the kids were really excited to see the ducks.
They had these paddle boats the kids could go in. The line for it was really short. So we went several times while Jason waited in the pony rides line. Zoe in the boat.

Kaleb and Hailey in a boat together.

Zoe in a boat again.

Kaleb riding a pony.
Kids riding the train.
Zoe riding a pony.When they rode the pony. Zoe's horse decided to go potty. The kids thought it was funny.

I decided to go to the library before the kids started school. Hoping they had story times set up but not until after school starts.
They had a puppet center and the kids had fun playing with it.

James checking out the play dragon.

Kaleb doing a puppet show.

Hailey riding the dragon.
August 2013

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