Sunday, October 13, 2013

Traveling to South Dakota as a family.

 On our way to South Dakota we drove through Yellowstone to be fun for the kids.

This is the kids when we first drove in there.

They gave the kids a list of animals to look for. In the picture Zoe is looking for animals from the list.

We stopped for a break and I opened the window and Hailey and Kaleb wanted to look around.

They went down to the river and looked around.

A picture of our car and trailer.

looking at the pretty mountains.

We ended up taking a wrong direction and ended up going through construction. But you could look down and it was neat looking.

Also while we were sitting there a deer just walked around by the side of the road.

We took another break and walked out to a rock and explore. This is Hailey being cute.

Zoe and Kaleb climbed up on the rock.

Zoe and Kaleb being cute.

 We ended up taking a wrong turn and went through a mean storm and when we reached the top it was really pretty to see all the mountains.
More pictures of the mountains.

Some neat trees.

More mounatins.

The scenic view looking down at the road we came up.

More pretty mountains.

In Wyoming there was red mountains.

More red mountains.

Some deer on the side of the road in Wyoming

We think this was a moose far away. July 8-9,2013

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