Sunday, October 13, 2013

Went to Leavenworth for the last time

So Lisa,Chester,Duncan,Brooke and Jason's Aunt Connie came up to Wenatchee to visit with us. So we went up to Leavenworth,

Duncan showing Hailey some of the cool paintings in the park.

 Everyone checking out some of the art.

 The kids looking at a water fountain. It was pretty cool looking.

James riding in the stroller.

Sitting down while some of us were in a store.

Kaleb looking in a store window.

Zoe found a ledge to sit on.

Zoe smiling for me but wouldn't look at me.

All of the older kids sitting on the ledge.

Some of the cool art work in Leavenworth.

 We are standing in front of Leavenworth sign everyone but  Brooke.
Everyone but Chester. June 7, 2013

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