Sunday, October 13, 2013

Visiting in Utah and some random pictures on the drive to Idaho

So here are some pictures from driving to Idaho and some pictures when I got down to my parents house.
Zoe and James in the car ride down.

Kids standing in the moving truck before anything got loaded in.

Jason's Uncle Lonny and Aunt Dawn sent some things for the kids to play with on the ride down. James is playing with a book they sent and he was really excited about it.

James was very attached to me so this rare moment of letting my mom hold him. So I had to get a picture of it.

The kids found this game my parents have had a while. They have Velcro on them and you throw a tennis ball and catch with the Velcro disk. Zoe loved playing it.

The kids playing the same game inside with grandma Kathy.

My mom and Grandma Robertson.

My mom was showing the girls pictures she had taken on her camera. June 30-July 2,2013

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